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Thank you to everyone who joined our in-person events last month. Across separate locations in the Bay Area, we brought our Talent Development family together for the first time in almost three years! And thanks to "Chef Paul" for Delicious food! July!!
If you're still looking for opportunities to connect, I encourage you to join one of our upcoming events that give you an opportunity to share views and ideas: our August 17 Goal Setting program or our upcoming Holistic Learning Design Special Interest Group where you connect with a cohort of like-minded practitioners.

-- Jeffrey Baumann
President, ATD Golden Gate Chapter, president@tdgoldengate.org
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Join the Conversation - Holistic Learning Design SIG

THURSDAY, August 16th, 5:30 - 7:00 pm ~ Grief in the Workplace - What does it look like and what do we do about it? Grief is a response to loss. Any major change in our normal routines can trigger grief, not just death. Join us for a compassionate discussion on how we can manage both our grief and other's grief in the workplace.  

**While SIGs are a free benefit for chapter members only, nonmembers can request a free trial for the first month. Start here..
Goal Setting for any point in your Career

WEDNESDAY, August 17th, 5 - 6:30 pm ~ Struggling to feel motivated in your daily work, maybe it’s time to set some new goals. Join us to learn how to set (or reset) your career goals and get a fresh start!
Multi-chapter CPTD / APTD Virtual Certification Study Group - Free Info Session

TUESDAY, August 23rd ~ 4:30 -6:30pm ~ FREE Information Session - Learn more about boosting your professional growth through certification and how a study group can help with that success! Learn more about the group here.
TED Discussions:
"Intersectionality & Inclusion"

RESCHEDULED FROM JUNE: THURSDAY, August 25th, 5:00 - 7:00 ~ Our peers, workplace and society categorize us all our lives. How, rather than resisting categorization, is it possible to expand the recognized categories and utilize intersectionality as the way to be our authentic self? That‘s our big idea this June.
Note: TED Discussions are free to all - but limited to 20 participants.
Multi-chapter CPTD / APTD Virtual Certification Study Group Fall Cohort

TUESDAYS, August 30th - November 15th ~ 4:30 -6:30pm ~ Become part of this multi-chapter group with a structured study routine that means you don't have to do it all alone! Learn more about the group here.
Unleashing the Power of Self-Awareness with Everything DiSC on Catalyst®

TUESDAY, September 6th ~ 5:30 -7:30pm ~ Our Monthly Chapter Program is a mini-Workshop this September - find out why some of these knotty communication problems arise and learn how to flex to get them working. Note: Registration closes 8/23 to allow time for the assessments to be completed.
Current Special Interest Groups:
Golden Gate Chapter SIG EVENT Schedule:

3D Learning: Second Tuesdays - restarts September 13.

Holistic Learning Design: Third Tuesdays

SIGs are a free chapter member benefit. Non-chapter members may request a 'trial-run' by contacting the Group leader. See the Group Section on our website.