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Message from Kalenga!

What does it take to be a leader? In a world of rapid change and growing uncertainty, having strong leaders can help us to stay grounded and feel safe. But what does leadership look like? Explore this and more at our upcoming TED Discussion.

Speaking of leadership, did you know that ATD Golden Gate is nearly 100% volunteer-run? That’s right, everything that we do from hosting events, to managing our finances, to onboarding new members, is done by L&D professionals who volunteer their time to help people like you.

That being said, we could use some help. More specifically, we are looking for a new CFO to help us track and manage our financials so we can stay financially healthy. Interested? Reach out to president@tdgoldengate.org to learn more.

Kalenga Stern

President, ATD Golden Gate Chapter

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TED DISCUSSION - What Makes a Leader?

THURSDAY, May 25th ~ 5:30 - 7 pm ~ What if leadership could be for the many and not just for a few? Explore the three practices that contribute to empowering others. See if we can reduce wastefulness, duplication and conflict in how we work together.

TED Discussions are free and open to all, but capacity is capped at 20 - First come - first served.

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THURSDAY, May 31st ~ 5:30 - 7 pm ~ Is there a current problem you’re facing or a project you’re working on that you wish you had an outside perspective on? Join our virtual roundtable and get insights and support from others to help you clarify your next steps.ut capacity is capped at 20 - First come - first served.

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ILTE - Immersive Learning Talent Experience SIG

TUESDAY, June 13th ~ 5:30 - 7 pm Learn new methods to create engaging learning scenarios that will embed their objective with your learners like never before.

GG Chapter SIGs are a free member benefit. Non-chapter members may request a trial run by contacting Bruce Gross at ilte@tdgoldengate.org

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THURSDAY, June 15th ~ 5:30 - 7 pm ~ Couldn't get to this year's International Conference (ICE)? Join us to learn the newest trends and insights, from our chapter attendees as they share their key takeaways with you.

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THURSDAY, June 21st, 5:30 - 7 pm ~ New Members, ‘Old’ Members, NonMembers: join us at this lively, interactive, no-fee event to help you explore what ATD Golden Gate Chapter membership can be for you, see where you can most benefit to get the most out of your membership. Meet other chapter members, leaders and new colleagues.  

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Immersive Learning and Talent Experience: Second Tuesdays - Next meets 6/13

Holistic Learning Design: Third Tuesdays - Next meets 6/20

California Young Professionals - Meets quarterly. Next Event: 9/7.   (This is a 'Super SIG' - open to ALL - but free for members of participating Chapters! Details here.)

Chapter SIGs are a free member benefit. Non-chapter members may request a 'trial-run' by contacting the Group leader. See the Group Section on our website.

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