What's Next for Great Start to Quality
May 2021
Quality Indicator Pilot-Thank You!
A big thank you to the over 400 programs and providers that responded to the request for volunteers to participate in the revised Quality Indicator pilot taking place this month. 200 programs were invited to participate to ensure diversity of provider type, location, ages served among other program characteristics and sixty-three (63) of the eighty-three (83) Michigan counties are represented. We are grateful for their valuable time and effort to help inform revisions that are supportive for all programs.

We will share the outcome of their efforts in future communications.

You can learn more about the improvements to Great Start to Quality at our website.
Using CLASS®
As part of revisions to the Great Start to Quality rating process, the Classroom Assessment Scoring System or CLASS, will replace the Program Quality Assessment (PQA) tools for on-site observations. During the pilot this month, programs have volunteered to have a CLASS observation to gather data. This data will inform decisions about how CLASS scores will be used in determining ratings. The Great Start to Quality Assessment Team will also have the opportunity to use the tool in various child care program types to help inform those decisions.

CLASS is a nationally recognized tool for measuring adult-child interactions. Children in classrooms with higher CLASS scores have been proven to have better social-emotional, cognitive, and academic outcomes. CLASS is used across the country in Head Start programs, Quality Rating and Improvement Systems like Great Start to Quality, and in all child care program types serving a variety of age groups. Learn more about why CLASS is a great tool for program quality improvement.

See more about why the Michigan Department of Education-Office of Great Start is making the shift to CLASS for Great Start to Quality.

Supporting Providers with CLASS Training
The Early Childhood Investment Corporation (ECIC) implements the rating process for Great Start to Quality and is committed to providing information and training for providers prior to the shift to CLASS from the Program Quality Assessment (PQA) taking place. Beginning in summer 2021, informational sessions will be provided through MiRegistry. More information will be shared once the opportunities are available.
Resource Center staff will also be trained and ready to support providers as they prepare to use CLASS in the future.

Great Start Readiness Programs
CLASS observations will also replace PQA-R for Great Start Readiness Programs (GSRPs) who choose to pursue higher ratings. Information on CLASS was recently shared with GSRPs in this memo.

Stay Informed
Visit the CLASS® Will Replace PQA webpage where information will be updated on how the tools will be incorporated into Great Start to Quality in the future. More information on how Great Start Readiness Programs will be supported in this transition will be provided in the months and weeks to come as well.
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Funding from the Office of Great Start within the Michigan Department of Education supports the implementation of Great Start.