January 20, 2021
The January 22, 2021 Economic Recovery Task Force Call
has been re-scheduled for January 29, 2021
Economic Recovery Task Force
Videoconference Call

January 29, 2021 at 1pm

"Recent Trends in ADA Lawsuits in Hotels"

Participate any way you like: anonymously, with video or without. Hear the latest Covid-19 related updates and the status of current ADA litigations in California.

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The arrival of pandemic vaccines brings hope that 2021 will spur a hospitality industry recovery and the full return of hotel and motel staff. As organizations welcome back workers, they need to ensure employees are current on certifications and compliance training.

CLIA members pay only $38 per employee training for Preventing Discrimination and Harassment for Hotels, Recognizing Human Trafficking for Hotels, and Bloodborne Pathogens.

Hotel Lawyer on PPP2 and the COVID Relief Bill’s Changes to Paycheck Protection Program

We have a new PPP Loan authorization bill out of Washington, after months of political wrangling. Congress could have done more, but they did provide for up to $2,000,000 in additional forgivable loans per borrower, along with provisions which specifically cater to the hospitality industry.

Sunny Tolani, CLIA Member and Dollars for Scholars Donor is Voted One of Top 10 Entrepreneurs

Sunil “Sunny” Tolani is the CEO of Prince Organization, a hospitality company that runs multiple award-winning hotels throughout the Americas. He was voted one of the "10 entrepreneurs who proved to be exemplary in their pursuit of success in the commercial world".

Report COVID-19 Positive Test Result to Workers’ Comp Carrier

Do I have to have to file a workers’ compensation claim every time one of my employees tests positive for COVID-19?

No. The new law in California that went into effect September 19, 2020 requires an employer to report a positive COVID-19 test to their workers’ compensation carrier within three business days from when the employer knows or reasonably should have known that an employee has tested positive.

The 5 Things Hospitality Employers Can Expect Under The Biden Administration

What’s Next for Hotels And Restaurants: The pandemic and government shutdowns/restrictions continue to have a devastating effect on hospitality employers after a catastrophic 2020.

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