10.10.10XGenesis Care Coordination Complex Mapping Workshop
  OeHI Connects - August 2019
The Office of eHealth Innovation and the eHealth Commission are excited to share some BIG announcements and milestones this quarter! First off, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) approved a federal fund match to continue planning and implementing Colorado's Health IT Roadmap. Check out the press release from the Governor's Office of Jared Polis. The next important announcement is for the appointment of two new eHealth Commissioners- Arthur Davidson and Rachel Dixon. Art is appointed for his clinician perspective and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise on interoperability. Rachel is appointed for her digital health expertise and strong leadership with Prime Health. Colorado is fortunate to have the enthusiasm and expertise of these new Commissioners. Welcome aboard, Art and Rachel, and thank you!

To do this important work the Office of eHealth Innovation and eHealth Commission continue to scope and refine project requirements with input from Roadmap working groups. This includes wrapping up high-level project requirements for the Consumer Engagement and Empowerment Initiative and the Care Coordination Workgroup . Pilot and planning efforts to enhance both State infrastructure and health information exchange interoperability are underway. This includes the first identity pilot with Colorado Regional Health Information Organization (CORHIO) and the State to enhance matching capabilities and better serve Coloradans who receive State benefits. Several key projects are planned with both CORHIO and Quality Health Network (QHN) to harmonize capabilities and advance interoperability between the two.

Another BIG milestone is the wrap up of the State Innovation Model. OeHI is taking over the contracts for Statewide Data Governance and advancing efforts with Health Data Colorado to make reporting electronic clinical quality measures easier for clinicians to report to programs such as the Alternative Payment Program (APM) for Medicaid . Check out the workgroup updates below for more details on these efforts.

OeHI would like to thank and acknowledge Colorado's digital health community for their efforts to innovate and disrupt the status quo in health care. This year's Innovation Summit led by Prime Health was a tremendous success. The event brought together leaders from our community and nationally to collaborate and address important issues. Check out Prime's newsletter for the recap.

Lastly, wishing a HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY TO CATALYST HTI! Congratulations Mike Biselli and the amazing digital health community on launching Catalyst HTI and continuing to improve our health care system. The Office of eHealth Innovation, eHealth Commission, and the State of Colorado look forward to the continued collaboration and all the exciting innovation to come!

The Office of eHealth Innovation and eHealth Commission continue to move forward with planning and implementing Colorado's Health IT Roadmap. Reach out if you would like to be part of this BIG effort to improve health and reduce costs for Coloradans!

Onward and boldy forward,

Carrie Paykoc
OeHI Interim Director
P) 303-866-6304
Upcoming Events
Prime Health, Colorado Rural Health Center, and the Office of eHealth Innovation are teaming up to educate and collaborate with leaders in Colorado's rural communities. Throughout the month of August, the group will be visiting several locations across Colorado to talk about health technology and innovations and will include updates on Colorado's Health IT Roadmap. If you are interested in attending please RSVP to info@coruralhealth.org
Telehealth Innovation
One of the initiatives in Colorado's Health IT Roadmap is for broadband and virtual care. This initiative is one of the key goals of the Affordability Roadmap led by Kim Bimestefer, Executive Director of Health Care Policy and Financing. Kim has asked OeHI and eHealth Commission to refocus energy on this work.

To that end, OeHI is launching planning efforts with a new workgroup and has had several meetings with State leaders from the Office of Broadband. If you are interested in serving on the broadband/telehealth workgroup , please complete the form here.

Initial discussion of this forming workgroup include discussions on the Federal Communications Commission's (FCCs) Notice of Proposed Rulemaking WC Docket No 18-213, Promoting Telehealth for Low-Income Consumers , adopted July 10, 2019 ("Notice"). This workgroup is focused on developing pilot concepts for telehealth to inform the State's official comments.

To inform pilot ideas and planning efforts, OeHI has worked extensively with the State Innovation Model to understand the work completed to date. Below is a video of one of those innovative efforts.

The video was posted this month about the success of e-consults within the Denver Health system. Doctors explain how current practice benefits from the availability of an electronic option for healthcare as well as the cost effectiveness of this type of practice.

To find the video follow this link.

Please reach out to Carrie Paykoc at carrie.paykoc@state.co.us with other ideas and efforts for telehealth and econsults that advance both technology and reimbursement efforts.
eHealth Commissioner Spotlight
Commissioner Spotlight 
Rachel Dixon
President & Executive Director

How will you use your expertise and the help of the eHealth Commission to tackle the Broadband / Telehealth Roadmap Initiative?  The goal of the Commission's new Telehealth Workgroup is to come up with a plan for statewide telehealth access and infrastructure support for both patients and providers, something I'm incredibly passionate about. I look forward to using my expertise in telehealth and in designing large scale, collaborative programs to bring stakeholders together to find a path forward that incorporates what has already been built; enables and empowers the proliferation of more telehealth to increase access and affordability; furthers interoperability, coordination, and collaboration; and most of all, is centered on the patient.

How do you think Colorado measures up in the national landscape regarding health innovation and progress? If you're into improving healthcare, Colorado is one of the most exciting states in the nation to live in right now. Colorado's leadership are fierce advocates for the patient, working together across the board to improve the quality of care people are receiving and bringing down costs for everyone. We are the only state that has a Governor's Office of eHealth Innovation (OeHI) and/or a Governor's eHealth Commission. OeHI has an HIT Roadmap with 16 initiatives including data interoperability, patient engagement, care coordination, and telehealth - selected and designed to drive innovation, creativity, and teamwork around some of our toughest problems. We have new bills that address already high and still rising pharmaceutical costs by making it legal for Colorado to start importing prescription drugs from Canada, bills to increase cost transparency, eliminate surprise billing, put money and power back in the hands of communities, and more. Across the board I see Colorado state and local governing bodies working together with each other and with universities, nonprofits, foundations, entrepreneurs, large enterprise, health care organizations, and anyone else with an idea for how to solve a problem. That level of innovation and collaboration is special and gets me excited because it means we have a real chance at making a difference and setting a precedent for what's possible and the type of America we'd like to see.
Roadmap Workgroups:
"At-A-Glance" Updates
Workgroups are open to the public. Where available, the scheduled dates and times of workgroups are listed below.

This initiative seeks to develop, support, and enhance technical approaches that can be used to easily share care coordination information within and across communities while recognizing that approaches to care coordination may be unique to individual communities. 
Project Scope: (Phase 1) Identify and leverage existing care coordination activities, alliances, best practices and tools across the state. (Phase 2) Develop prioritized project plans that address unique community needs and gaps in care coordination while maintaining person-centric lens.

Meeting Cadence: Every other Friday from 10:30AM-12:30PM
Next Meeting: 8/16/19
Call In Number: 1-877-820-7831; 519265#
Q3 Accomplishments:
  • Completed prioritization matrix exercise based on results from the 10.10.10 project including information gathered from the workshop and additional interviews
  • Drafted requirements and initiated the process for the Invitation to Negotiate to identify projects for funding
Q4 Next Steps:
  • Releasing the Invitation to Negotiate
  • Finalizing the prioritization matrix
  • Determining the timing and next steps for demonstration project selection and Invitation to Negotiate
On May 16th and 17th, OeHI - with the help and support of Zoma Foundation and 10.10.10XGenesis - convened stakeholders to help identify, understand, and prioritize leverage points that can be addressed by a variety of solutions designed to support whole person care by facilitating the connection of individuals to needed resources across Colorado communities using health IT infrastructure and data sharing.

Out of this effort, the top six prioritized projects to be further developed include:

  1. Develop relevant success measures and methods​
  2. Develop authoritative use-case guidance for sensitive data sharing​
  3. Develop a centralized statewide repository of data with a master person index​
  4. Convene a working group to identify criteria for focusing early solution efforts​
  5. Develop a tool that regions can use to perform an analysis of Community Benefit Organizations (CBO) capacity and need​
  6. Identify best practices for CBO capacity/ROI and spread throughout the state

Call for Care Coordination Projects!

Are you working on a care coordination project? OeHI is building out a network map to help understand who is working where in the care coordination space and to understand how we can best build bridges of collaboration. Please send a quick note about your organization and project to OeHI and the team will follow up with you for more information! Contact Kristi.LaBarge@state.co.us
New Call for Proposal: Cross-sector Innovation Initiative
Submission deadline September 5

The Public Health National Center for Innovations (PHNCI) and the Center for Sharing Public Health Services (CSPHS), with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), are jointly leading the  Cross-sector Innovation Initiative  (CSII) to examine the unique role of public health in fostering work across multiple sectors addressing social determinants of health and health equity. The initiative recently released a  Call for Proposals  (CFP) seeking collaborations aimed at aligning and supporting partnerships among public health, healthcare, and social services sectors. Proposals will be submitted in a two-phase process and must be submitted through the  RWJF online system . Up to ten awards will be given for up to $150,000.
Consumer Engagement
This initiative seeks to develop and implement tools to educate, engage, and empower consumers in their health and well-being. 
Project Scope: (Phase 1) Define high-level project requirements based on direct consumer input, a review of available tools, and a gap analysis.

Meeting Cadence: 4th Tuesday of each month from 11:30AM-1:00PM
Next Meeting: 8/27/19
Call In Number: 1-877-820-7831; 519265#
Q3 Accomplishments:
  • Final Report completed, reviewed with workgroup, submitted, and approved
  • Drafted requirements and initiated the process for the Invitation to Negotiate to identify projects for funding
Q4 Next Steps:
  • Move to the “Plan” phase of the project.
  • Releasing the Invitation to Negotiate
  • Determining the timing and next steps for demonstration project selection and Invitation to Negotiate
This past quarter, this workgroup was able to celebrate the finalization of the Consumer Engagement Report to highlight and advance Initiative #2 on Colorado’s Health IT Roadmap, “Promote and Enable Consumer Engagement, Empowerment, and Health Literacy”. The report addresses the “Discover” phase of this initiative and reveals Colorado residents wants and needs in order to be more informed about their health; creates an inventory of the resources they currently have access to; and identifies gaps as well as recommended solutions to those gaps. 

Data was collected in the form of focus groups and surveys sent to Colorado residents to provide information regarding prioritization of health information needs as well as the difference in need by population. For example, English and Spanish speakers had a slightly different prioritization of needs. This helps us better determine demands of customers by demographic. Collecting this data is crucial to lay out future work and next steps in the "Plan" and "Implement" phases of this initiative. Understanding what the consumer needs is key for an engaged health care system. This information was crucial to move forward with a comprehensive system that works for the people of Colorado.

Advance HIE Capabilities
This initiative seeks to develop and implement approaches to harmonize data sharing capabilities, increase the rate of health information sharing, and advance health information exchange across Colorado.
Project Scope: Define scope of work and timelines for available and approved funding to enhance and harmonize health information exchange (HIE) infrastructure among Colorado's regional HIE organizations.

Meeting Cadence: Every other Thursday from 10:30AM-12:00PM
Next Meeting: 8/8/19
Call In Number: 1-833-240-1081; 479590# OR 139781#
Q3 Accomplishments:
  • CMS approval of the OeHI and OIT interagency agreement
  • Lt. Gov’s office sent letter of support for timely review and approval of federal funding request on 6/28/19
Q4 Next Steps:
  • Need to receive CMS approval on State Internet Portal Authority (SIPA) funding mechanism
  • Implementation planning in prep for Oct 01 start date.
  • Develop prioritized project list for next round of federal funding request
Specific projects that will be funded in October include:
  • Additional notifications and triggers
  • Improving data access between CORHIO and QHN
  • Medication history
  • Improving single sign on
  • Patient access to clinical data
  • Advancing terminology services
  • Electronic lab reporting
Ease Quality Reporting Burden
This initiative provides technology support to ease the capture, aggregation, and reporting of agreed upon quality reporting measures.
Project Scope: This multi-year effort is focused on leveraging investments from the State Innovation Model (SIM) to advance the automatic reporting of electronic clinical quality measures. This project is focused on evaluating and scaling technical infrastructure investments and continuing data governance.

Meeting Cadence: To Be Determined
Q3 Accomplishments
  • Reached agreement on new deliverables for a post-SIM bridge contract
  • Reached agreement on short-term purchase order funding of data governance continuance
  • Finalized requirements for data governance statement of work
Q4 Next Steps
  • Execute data governance contract
  • Execute CORHIO/HDCO contract
  • Launch workgroup
OeHI and the eHealth Commission are building upon the groundwork laid by the State Innovation Model (SIM) to support and advance electronic clinical quality measures (eCQM).  

If you are interested in serving on the eCQM workgroup, please complete the form here.
Unique Identity for Providers and Individuals
This initiative develops and implements a comprehensive approach – that includes both health and social services information – that will be used across Colorado to uniquely identify a person and their provider across multiple systems and points of care. 
Project Scope: This multi-year effort has been focused on researching current state identity efforts across state agencies and statewide to inform, design, and implement an agreed upon approach.

Meeting Cadence: Every other Monday from 1:00PM-2:00PM
Next Meeting: 8/12/19
Call In Number: 1-877-820-7831; 519265#
Q3 Accomplishments:
  • Kicked off pilot project number 1
  • Agreed upon funding source for pilot project number 2
Q4 Next Steps:
  • Completion of pilot project 1
  • Kick off of pilot project 2
  • Analyze results
  • Determine next steps
The first pilot is between The Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) and Colorado Medicaid (Health First Colorado) and will provide for each client to have a unique identifier with the purpose of viewing how patients are shared or not shared across both organizations.

The second pilot brings in a third program for analysis, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

These pilots will help to better inform the overall identity initiative and lay the groundwork for providing better streamlined and coordinated services to Coloradans.
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