April 2, 2021
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Celestial Greetings!

Here we are at the beginning of a new month, early in a new season, and I didn’t realize I haven’t written you since mid-winter. Let’s take a look at what’s coming up in April. Be sure to check out my free webinar April 24. Details below.
NASA photo - Jupiter with 2 of its moons
What are the planets up to?

Jupiter plays a key role, as it often does.
The planets are fairly benign now. Everything is “full speed ahead” for most of the month, with no planets retrograde until Pluto turns tail on 4/27. However, a slow mover like Pluto is nearly motionless for several days before and after the turning point, with is increased influence at that time. If anything in your chart is touched by the “station” degree, 26º48’ Capricorn, whatever it signifies in your life is scheduled for some big changes. You’ll likely get hints or an even a stronger signal around the time of the directional shift, but implementing the change may be delayed because of the retrograde. Progress may not be possible or easy until the entire backtracking cycle is over and Pluto returns to this degree. That won’t be until January 27, 2022. See, I told you Pluto is slow!

There are no significant heavy aspects in April. The two most noteworthy items are both minor and involve Jupiter. Maybe the giant planet will magnify issues to make them impossible to ignore. Jupiter is sextile Eris, exact 4/4 (and Eris doesn’t like easy aspects such as sextiles). Not a big deal unless another easy aspect joins in, which does happen at the 4/11 New Moon (when the Moon and Sun are only 2º from Eris). Mars is trine Jupiter and sextile Eris. We’ll see what that brings. Eris likes competition and chaos. Mars rules sports. Maybe something will be crazy at the Masters golf tournament, which concludes on 4/11. Two years ago, when Mars and Jupiter were in soft aspects with Eris at the Kentucky Derby, the initial apparent winner was disqualified after the race and the horse that crossed the finish line second won the roses. And that was at a New Moon, too! Aspects at a New Moon hold sway for the four weeks that follow. I encourage you not to speed while driving during this lunar cycle, since Mars is related to speed and at the New Moon, it’s in Gemini, the sign of ground transportation. I guess slow down if you’re biking, as well. Mars is in a square with Neptune, so lack of sleep or the influence of alcohol or drugs could be especially dangerous. The Mars-Neptune square is exact 4/9, the same day Mercury (Gemini’s ruling planet, also related to ground transportation) joins Chiron in its semisquare with Jupiter. Be very cautious then. The Moon is the only other planet to aggravate this semisquare, for just a few hours in the evening of April 3 and the early morning of April 7. No worries unless these two are hitting your chart. Their positions are 24º Aquarius for Jupiter and 9º Aries for Chiron. (When I say “hitting your chart,” I mean within 2º of being an exact hit major difficult aspect, one of the divisions of the circle by eight, such as a conjunction, opposition, square, semisquare or sesquiquadrate. Such connections spur action.)

Pluto is inching into the zone of 2º breathing room past its square to Eris (exact 12/10/20). It will be back for two more exact occurrences 8/27 and 10/9, close to the time when Pluto turns Direct 10/6. (That time period is very precarious - try to avoid anything major then, especially financial transactions.) The 4/26 Full Moon comes just after Ceres has passed Eris and more closely squares Pluto, tying in the Pluto-Eris energy. This combination might be helpful for trying to conceive a child, especially through artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization. Pluto rules reproduction and Ceres was the Roman goddess of fertility. Eris likes the squares and in mythology, she could conceive without a mate. Ceres is associated with nurturing and support, too, and is very independent and self-sufficient in Aries as it is now. At this Full Moon, you might not feel you're getting the support you want or need. In that case, Pluto suggests something needs to change. (Actually, Pluto is more apt to shove than suggest.) The Sun at the Full Moon is close to Uranus (just 3º away) with the Moon opposite both. Unpredictable Uranus would love to upset the apple cart, so protect your apples.

A couple of Quintile Triangles (QTs) are in progress early in the month, around 4/7 - 4/9. The degrees are listed for you to see if any are conjunct something in your chart. (Only use a conjunction, for this with a 1-2º leeway.) QTs are triangles composed of planets separated by one-fifth (quintile) or two-fifths (biquintile) of the zodiac circle. QTs are rather rare and especially fortunate. I always pay attention to sensitive degrees that link to the QT components in a way to form a five-pointed magical star, expanding the energy of the QT. I call these empty places “sweet spots.” Chiron and Pluto have been in a long-term quintile with seven occurrences from 2018 to 2021; the final one was on 3/23. (My latest blog, Ever Given Clogs Suez Canal and Wreaks Havoc, discusses what occurred that day.) Soon Mars aspects both as Mercury joins Chiron: Mars biquintile Pluto 4/7 and quintile Chiron 4/9, Mercury quintile Pluto 4/8 and quintile Mars and Chiron 4/9. The pertinent degrees are 9º Aries, 21º Gemini and 27º Capricorn, with “sweet spots” at 3º Virgo and 15º Scorpio. This blend is good for healing, improvements and solutions to problems, strength and endurance training, financial progress and taking action to raise your credit score.

The other QT is less precise and hits an “average” of sorts in April. A good time to utilize it comes when it’s favorably activated by Venus 4/20 - 4/22. The South Node adds to Jupiter‘s quintile to Uranus (exact 5/5) via a biquintile to Uranus (exact 3/22) and a quintile to Jupiter (exact 4/12). Venus boosts the QT with a biquintile to the South Node 4/20 and a quintile to Jupiter 4/21 ahead of Venus’s conjunction with Uranus 4/22. The degrees involved are 7-10º Taurus, 13º Sagittarius and 27º Aquarius with “sweet spots” at 20º Cancer and 2º Libra. The South Node often indicates what comes easily. Jupiter brings increases and is related to long-distance communications, including contact through the internet. Uranus adds surprises and relates to friendship and technology. Venus is a money and love planet. This is a great time to look for a relationship or buy technological items online. If you’ve historically been a lucky person, this is a wonderful time to try your luck in games of chance, especially if any of the degrees are conjunct something in your chart that indicates your luck, such as your Part of Fortune or planets occupying or ruling the Fifth House of speculation. Remember me if you strike it rich!

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