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When we take the time to pause, get centered, grounded, and present, we can deeply sense others as well as ourselves. By developing a "somatic awareness," a sensations-of-the-body awareness, we develop our ability to really sense and understand ourselves and others, and we develop the ability to respond to each other authentically, rather than just acting something out. To gain somatic awareness, we need to witness our thoughts and feelings and physical sensations. Without somatic...



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 To My Community, Colleagues, Students and Friends,

In preparing this newsletter, I decided to detail the vital importance of working both with process as well as with content. I am finding it's this part of "the work" that oftentimes gets left out.

Anyone can read one of the many good books on personal development, or in my case, on the Enneagram, yet this does not necessarily result in change and development! Why? We need good processes - practices - to coincide with the content learned. What's a process? You might be asking.  Well, taking short pauses with a good deep breath to reflect on what we have heard or read - just that -  is "a process" and can make the difference.

Process involves getting grounded and centered, pausing to reflect, "temporarily becoming," to the best of our ablity, what we have read or seen. Consider how important it is to pause when we get reactive, to stop and inquire with genuine curiosity what our reactivity or upset is about. This is process. And then, determine thoughtfully our response. This month, I feature this vital topic in my latest blog, How Do We Actually Change? By Interweaving Process and Content.  Enjoy and benefit.  

The Weekly Reflections
The Weekly Reflections by season and Enneagram type
are now sharing springtime insights.  I hope you have been enjoying them! These are brief yet powerful and are designed to stimulate our ongoing personal development, giving us something to think about once a week. Just go to my website's sidebar , on any page of my website, to sign up for them, if you haven't already. 
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Visit my website at  www.drdaviddaniels.com .  It includes plenty of articles and information for you to read, and ASK DAVID page, which I encourage you to visit, and it also includes the Matrix of all 45 Possible Relationship Combinations of the types . Also, there are vital articles, personality type descriptions,videos and podcasts, and paths of development for each of us, and much more.
It's an honor to share my thoughts with you. I so appreciate your staying connected and for being a part of this community of seekers. 

Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed; I do enjoy the conversation.

Much Love, 

BLOG OVERVIEW:  How Do We Actually Change? By Interweaving Good Process with Content
Have you studied much of the good content available in books as well as on the Internet, regarding the Enneagram? It's an extraordinary, incisive system and profoundly insightful. But just reading alone doesn't seem to bring it home. If that were the case, I could have sent my clients home with an Enneagram book and awaited transformation. Why is it that we can't seem to enact real change after reading one of the many great Enneagram books or by simply studying online? I tended to observe that something else is needed. Just "studying" the Enneagram is not enough to create transformative personal change. Why is that? 

 What I would like to suggest is that in order for us to actually experience personal growth, it's necessary to interweave consistent and dedicated "practice" - process - with the study of great content. We need process and we need interaction, trial and error, and ongoing, repetitive dedication.  I recall my time in medical school. I was studying content... Read More >>

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