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If you saw our inaugural email last week from Libby, you'll know we're spending the month at C Factor thinking all about clarity. Libby kicked us off by talking about how clarity isn't something that comes naturally to her, but she works with intention to bring clarity to her life every day and, in turn, helps other leaders do the same. First step? Work on internal clarity. Here's the link again in case you missed it: CLICK HERE

For this week, I thought I'd get us thinking about clarity and how it relates to communicating with others.

With many of us working from home for the foreseeable future, we're learning to rely on technology to substitute for those in-person team meetings or impromptu catch-ups by the water cooler, but are they a suitable substitute?

Suitable (and definitely safer!), yes. But, as much as we're telling ourselves otherwise, Zoom is not a perfect replacement for in person communication.
On video calls, we have a difficult time picking up subtle body language and social cues that we would readily and even passively pick up on in person.

And when we don't have any visuals to pick up on? Well, that's when it becomes even more paramount we ensure our message is communicated clearly—and not just by the sender's standards. The true litmus test is whether or not it is understood by the receiver. That is what clarity is all about.

Great, but... now what?
  • Here’s a quick video about how we're missing the mark when communicating with other generations: CLICK HERE
  • Find out what's really happening when we jump on that video call: CLICK HERE
  • Before you communicate clearly, you have to ensure you're understanding the message clearly. Take 10 minutes to watch this video on 10 steps to better conversations. CLICK HERE

Here's to communicating with our teams better!


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