#LovinLongGrove #ShopPopGo
We care for our town and we are proud of where we live, work and play.  Thank you for supporting the local Long Grove businesses and people who continue to serve our community bravely during this unchartered time. Life will soon return to the new normal and we will be back to shopping, dining and sipping at all of our favorite merchants as well as enjoying our beloved festivals. We look forward to the day when we can see all your smiling faces once again.  When times are tough, Long Grove rises to the occasion.  This community stands strong together.  In the meantime, we would love to s ee  your tail lights... 

1.  SHOP   online  or call to place your orders.
2. Drive up and  POP  your trunk. Orders are placed safely in your vehicle.
4.  GO  home to enjoy!

Please visit longgrove.org for a list of specials, hours and info about how to support our community. It really counts now more than ever.

Your friends and neighbors in Historic Downtown Long Grove

#ShopPopGo #ShowUsYourTaillights #LovinLongGrove   
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