MAY 2020
It's here! The 4th Edition of this classic textbook and Teacher's Manual.
Bible Translation: An Introduction to Translation Principles,
Fourth Edition
The updated and expanded fourth edition of this Katharine “Katy” Barnwell classic, along with the new edition of the accompanying Teacher’s Manual have just been published.

We are excited about this release! The first new edition of this highly valued textbook in almost 35 years, it continues to provide crucial, practical training, more resources, and a new way to access those resources.

SIL is hosting a website along with the publication with over 100 Additional Resources listed, many accessible at no additional cost and other resources which students and teachers can find from other publishers.

Naturally, we’re running a sale this month on both the textbook and Teacher’s Manual.
May/June Sale Prices
Textbook $26.95
(Retail $49.95)
Teacher's Manual
$24.95 (Retail $44.95)
Two-book set $45.95
Katharine Barnwell (PhD, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London) has been involved in Bible translation since 1963 and currently serves as a Senior Translation Consultant. 
Sale extended through June 25, 2020!
SIL is joining with Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) in the Temporary Authorization for Educators Program
Educators in the U.S. are contacting CCC with questions about using copyrighted materials in their student lessons during the pandemic. In response, CCC is coordinating with rightsholders to authorize the use of their materials in distance learning models and other uses, at no cost to the user, during this time of emergency. This program does not deliver content, but authorizes U.S. school districts, educators, parents and others to make additional uses of materials that they have lawfully acquired. Read the full letter and detail of program here.
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Happy Birthday to LCWA! Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Web Archiving at the Library of Congress
April 2, 2020 by Carlyn Osborn

Guest post from Abbie Grotke, who is Lead Librarian, Web Archiving Team in the Digital Content Management Section of the Library of Congress. 

It was in 2000 that the Library of Congress embarked on a web preservation pilot project, which eventually became the Library’s web archiving program.
The pilot program activities began around this time in 2000, and after some early test crawls, the first collection, related to the Election 2000 , began in August 2000. Like many national libraries, election archives were a natural first archive, since many campaign websites tend to disappear. Read more about Web Archiving here.
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COVID or Covid? The Comfort of Pedantry at a Time of National Crisis
Elisabeth Ribbans , from The Guardian

Working from home, the readers’ office team is unexpectedly cheered by questions of spelling and grammar. Read more about the decision here.
Coronavirus: UNESCO #LearningNeverStops Signs IPA to New Coalition

In News by Porter Anderson April 3, 2020

The 69-nation International Publishers Association joins the fast-growing #LearningNeverStops coalition led by UNESCO to respond to the education crisis developing amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
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6 Fascinating Resources For Lovers of Language
Text Validated by Ezvid Wiki Editorial
on April 11, 2020

Language plays a huge role in our everyday lives, from reading street signs to watching TV to talking with our friends. Taking a closer look at linguistics can be helpful for those looking to improve their writing or speaking skills, and it can also provide insight on how humans think and communicate.
Stock image from  Pixabay .
The resources listed here cover a variety of fascinating topics, from the origins of language to how linguistics applies to visual art to the irregularity of English spelling. Read more and watch this video made with Ezvid Wikimaker.
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