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Complete set of Exegetical Summaries
The complete New Testament Exegetical Summary set is available at a special price this month. These books summarize scholarly interpretation of the Greek or Hebrew biblical texts and in total is one of our most popular series. Students, translators, and pastors with beginning to advanced exegetical skills will find these volumes helpful in producing a meaningful translation.

See our catalog page for both the ES NT Set, and i ndividual volumes too! Click here for special pricin g !
Sale Price: $724.65
for the complete set of 32 volumes covering all 27 New Testament books and
The Sermon on the Mount.

Retails for $1,035.22
Payment due by Nov. 15. Shipment by week of Dec. 1.

All sale prices are in USD. Tax and shipping are extra. All sales final.
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Did you see our new website? It launched on September 30, with additional features to be added in coming months. We hope you find it informative, easy to navigate, and pleasing to the eye. Check us out at publications.sil.org .

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Non-Fiction Audio books capture a third of the market – a 10% increase over five years
In Feature Articles by Porter Anderson, July 16, 2019
Audio Publishers Association Survey:
Nearly $1 Billion in 2018 US Sales

The newly reported annual sales survey from the APA shows audiobooks continuing to be the market lead for growth in formats, with listening in cars on the upswing in 2018.

Tell us your opinion on audio books. Would you like to see audio textbooks, for example? Write us.
Apollo 11 and the Copyright Connection
July 24, 2019 by Alison Hall

The following is a guest post by Steve Andreadis, outreach and education specialist in the Office of Public Information and Education.

From before the mission launched to well after astronauts touched back on Earth, copyright was there. Fifty years after astronauts returned to Earth from the moon, the Apollo 11 mission still grabs our attention and sparks our imagination. Read on.

Stock image from Pixabay .
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