April 2020
Flowers, Pavers
and Rats!!
This month I started creating the tropical paradise I visualize in our backyard.
Grounding myself in Mother Earth has been so wonderful. The benefit of the digging and planting exercise has been great now that our fitness center is closed!

I'm also following my Qigong Master's suggestions to stay strong during The Year of the Rat. Read my notes, below....
Tips from Master Chunyi Lin's
Year of the Rat
predictions may help you attain a climate in your body and your home that can help you combat the virus threat.

Last month I mentioned how Master Lin's Spring Forest Qigong movements helped me heal from my belly flop out of the golf cart. Since then I listened to the presentation he did for this year - The Year of the Rat. He talks about the positive things that may happen, the negative things to watch out for, and what to do to be ready to handle the negative "stuff" that may come at you. I watched his hour long presentation 2 1/2 months after the year had started and I was blown away by how many of his predictions are already happening. I decided to share my notes with you. It's a lot but I think you'll find it to be an informative and entertaining read.

As I'm applying his suggestions I feel strong and proactive about preparing my body to, at best - totally resist a virus exposure, or - at the worst - be strong enough to fight it. It may be psychological, but you know what - just the psychology of being proactive is a far better energetic climate for my body than living in
(Please note: Master Lin presented a lot of information and I’ve presented most of the information using his exact words.  Any words in italics are my interpretations and comments and I take responsibility for misinterpreting his meaning.

My notes from Master Lin's Year of the Rat presentation:

"This year’s energy will be up and down"  

Strengths for the year: 
• Real estate
• New businesses with good ideas will grow. If you have a good idea, put it into action.
• Art
• Education
• People are overwhelmed by the internet and will go deeper into their hearts to find the truth
• Spirituality will go deeper
• People will want to connect more deeply
• Coaching is a good business now
  1. Tune into a person’s heart
  2. Let them see the value of what you are doing
• Money may come to you as a surprise
• Good year to turn a hobby into a profit
• People want individual contact
• Unconditional love is the most powerful energy to attract and manifest what you want. Unconditionally love others.

Weaknesses for the year:
• Things may be going great and then all of a sudden you may hit a wall
• Many famous people will be in accidents
• The stock market will go up and down like crazy until July (next year will be a good year for the market)
• In the US expect flood, fire and earthquake
• Viruses will be active
• In May - digestive and liver problems
• In the South - viruses related to the heart

To master the energy where you live:  
This is about creating positive, balanced energy in your home and your body
• Travel to Northern places rather than Southern
• When leaving home, walk north and then go the direction you want
• Carry incense and a crystal to push the negative qi away from you
• Put crystal in the car and on your bed’s headboard
• Spirits will be strong this year. Those who are weak in the kidneys and healing from illness will be easy targets for spirits to attach to
• If your children are having nightmares put a crystal in their bedroom to ward off spirits
• To strengthen the Mother’s energy - especially creativity - put 4 lucky bamboos in a vase of water.  Put a purple crystal ball beside the bamboo. 
• When planning, plan in the NE corner of your home
• Put a metal vase or a big plant inside your home on the East side
• On the south side put a metal vase with 8 small river rocks in water. Change the water at least every 7 days
• To balance all the “little accidents” chant the 6 Word Chant Daily.

This is so calming and only takes 6 minutes per day.

• Drink Yin Yang Water daily
  1. Mix equal parts of boiling water and room temperature water. 
  2. You can add lemon for taste
  3. Drink while warm as warm water makes us sweat and helps us de-toxify
  4. I have been drinking the Yin Yang water for 3 weeks. At first it was hard to stay with it all day and I found the water cooled before I could finish it. I now find my body craves it. It does seem to raise the temperature of my body and I feel a tiny bit sweaty. 

For a virus - Both to help protect against a virus and to help combat a virus
• Burn sandalwood incense every other week. Walk it around your home while burning
• Do the 7 Day Blessing Chant once every 3 months. 7 Day Blessing Chant
• Be in the kitchen a lot this year as this year the kitchen has a lot of good energy
• Eat Mung Bean soup twice per week
  1. 1 cup Mung Beans (available on Amazon)
  2. 6 cups water
  3. 2 slices of Ginger
  4. Put all ingredients in a pot. Bring to a boil. Lower heat to medium-low. Cook till beans are open and soft (approximately 30 minutes). Add salt to taste
• Drink warm water (see Yin Yang Water above)
• One of the most powerful protections against illness is unconditional love. It’s vibration is very strong. Doing the following will affect everyone around you in a positive way….
  1. Do good deeds for others from your heart
  2. Ask for forgiveness when mistaken
  3. Be kind to others - even when YOU are right!  This might seem like a point to take lightly but I think what Master Lin is saying here is that when you are trying to build your body’s energy and strength, an unnecessary discussion or argument can be very draining. Consider not only your energy level but also the person with whom you are speaking. How is their energy level? It may be best for their sake to just let it go - even if you know you are right. :)  
• Smile often
• Practice each of these Qigong movements 5 minutes per day. It will help to create a beautiful environment in your body that will not allow a virus to come in. If you do not understand my written instructions I will be glad to Facetime with you and walk you through the movement.
o Connecting with Heaven and Earth
 Master Lin says “this movement can help heal any challenges related to heart, lymph system, lungs, liver, kidneys and intestines”.
Stand with feet shoulder width apart
 Move your hands up and out from the sides and raise them over your head. Hold your hands above your head as if you are holding a beach ball.
 On the inhale, slowly and comfortably bend your knees and lower your body. Lower a few inches,staying within your comfort zone
 On the exhale straighten your knees and come back to standing position. Keep your knees loose when raised up completely. Continue to “hold the beach ball” over your head.
 As you continue to breathe and go down and up, focus your intention on Grounded-ness and Peace. Feel the peace come into your body.
o Connecting With Your Body’s energy
 Master Lin said, "We usually only breath with 2/3 of our lungs. Because of this we can collect all kinds of “stuff” in the bottom 1/3 of our lungs."  This obviously weakens the lungs.
Contentment is a powerful emotion for strengthening the lungs. As you do this movement you want to focus on contentment.
 Stand erect with your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent.
 Bring your arms in front of your navel with your fingers pointing toward the floor.
 Place the tips of your right fingers on the tips of your left fingers with your thumbs also touching. Form the shape of a heart with the top of the heart (your thumbs) just at or a bit below your navel.
 As you keep your left foot in place move your right foot to the right about a half of a step.
 As you inhale move your body to the left, ending with about 70% of your weight on your left foot.
 Hold for 3 seconds
 As you exhale gently move your body to the right, ending with 70% of your body weight on your right foot.
 Hold for 3 seconds
 Press your fingertips together as you do this, keeping pressure on the tips of your fingers for the entire 5 minutes.
 Continue to move side to side, pausing for 3 seconds on each side.  
 Tap into the energy of contentment in the universe by saying or thinking whatever will keep your focus on contentment….
  1. Say you are contented
  2. Say why you are content
  3. Think of something that makes you feel contented
  4. Feel the energy of contentment filling up your entire body.
o Bouncing
 "Viruses can happen if your body isn’t strong and has space for the virus to come in. Bouncing is an easy way to strengthen the body. It stimulates the qi flow for the lungs, liver and digestive system."
Place your hands up over your head with your wrists relaxed
 Bounce up and down gently on your heels.
 You can bounce more vigorously if you feel you want to do so and it is comfortable for you.
 As you bounce, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth
 If you are traveling it is beneficial to bounce before you leave your hotel room.

For the flu
• Pour 2 cups of white vinegar into a pan and let it come to a steaming point. Allow the mist of the vinegar to balance the energy of the house
• Use the Sandalwood incense weekly

People who may have a low kidney qi...
Empathetic people (Empaths) often have a lack of kidney qi because the energy is leaking from them.
People who meditate a lot may have low kidney qi because the sit on their tailbone which releases energy. Learn to sit on your “sit bones”.

To Build Kidney Qi
• Tap your tailbone for a few minutes at least daily
• Bend your knees, point your fingers out like a gun with the elbows bent and hold for a few moments. Visualize light coming out the end of your fingers and going to the end of the Universe.
• Eat dark foods - kidney bean soup, super deep green foods
• Live in Gratitude. Fear shuts down the kidney system. Gratitude releases fear.
• As you do the Qigong movements, the deeper you bend your knees, the faster you build kidney qi.
• Be flexible 
• Be kind
• Keep your feet warm
  1. Soak your feet in warm water
  2. Wear socks to bed
• Be dry when you go to bed (no damp hair)

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See you in May. I pray you will have a wonderful April!!

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