February 2021

Who would have thought?? If you shrug a certain way, a shoulder shrug can release trapped emotions!!

It only takes a minute!

Watch the video to learn how. :)

To Eliminate the "Heaviness"
I Feel from Our Planet!!!

I usually stay pretty level when it comes to emotions. I’ve learned to catch negative feelings really fast and let them go. BUT....

The current world situation was throwing me a bit of a curve. The energy on the planet these days often feels pretty “heavy”. So many people are experiencing the emotions of worry, helplessness, and anger, plus feeling overwhelmed with all the changes coming at us almost daily! I found this "heavy" emotional energy would creep up on me slowly - so slowly I didn’t catch that it was time to make my fist to block the emotions.

In Master Lin’s training session a few weeks ago he showed us the shoulder shrugging technique for releasing emotions. It has made a huge difference for me!! Whenever I realize I’m feeling the “heaviness”, which is usually after I’ve left my happy bubble here at home to run some errands, I do 3 to 6 shoulder shrugs and the feeling is totally gone.

Please try this exercise whether you're feeling the "heaviness" of the planet or not. You probably have some trapped emotional energy that your body would be better off without. Getting rid of it can help your body attain joy, peace, contentment, happiness and gratitude, the 5 best emotions for keeping your entire being healthy. Not only that, if you live in these emotions, you will be helping to decrease the negativity of the world we are living in.

Have a GREAT month!
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