February 2020
An Energy Program
for Golfers!!
YES!! Call me crazy!!
I have developed an energy golf program to help golfers improve their game. I've had 2 volunteers complete the program and it works -
their games improved!
(Check out their stories below.)
Golfers Say Golf is a Mental Game!

I've gotten pretty darned good at uncovering Sabotaging Beliefs! It makes sense that if you have some underlying negative beliefs about your game (which my first 2 volunteers didn't even realize they had), your game could improve when we eliminate them!

The final test phase begins in March. I have several golfers excited to test the program. If you would like to jump in, please call me at my cell number, listed below.

In the meanwhile, check out Lora and Dave's stories about their results.......
When the idea for creating a golf program wouldn't go away, I took it to my Business Coach, Lora Lebo of Big Bold Ideas. I thought she'd say to forget it, but she shocked me and was very excited about it's potential. In addition she's a golfer and volunteered to test the program to see if it actually improved her game. Here, in her words, is her story:

"Meredith and I have been working on growing her business for about two years. Last February, Meredith mentioned that she had a pull toward creating a Golf Energy Program. I loved the idea! I am a golfer, and as golfers are aware, the game is so much more than physical effort. It is a combination of camaraderie, experiencing nature, skill, competition, mental skill, emotional control and physical health. I love to hit the links with my husband and family, but shy away from outings, tournaments, etc. i immediately volunteered to be Meredith's test subject in the development of the program, as well as coach her through the development process.

Meredith and i talked through the underlying reasons for my playing golf: a strong connection with family, memories and nature. I then defined my challenge:
Feeling like I have as awkward swing.

I normally make improvements while working with a goal. Her program provided the flexibility for me to create a goal statement.

Through muscle testing we defined "MY SWING IS GRACEFUL" as my statement and goal. As we progressed through the sessions, my swing became more graceful and I found I was hitting straight down the fairway without awkwardness. My husband noticed my improvement immediately and commented: "You get a Gold Star for most improved golfer of the season!"

I am really looking forward to seeing the first signs of Spring so we can get out there again!"
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