April 2021
Tracking My
Daily Balance :)
I’ve been tracking the balance in my life off and on since 1983. The few years when I didn’t do the tracker were, quite frankly, some of the worst years in my life. I was allowing my business schedule to determine most of my activities. I had totally gotten away from creativity, spirituality, physical well-being and friends.
When I got back on “track” charting the 7 areas that keep my life balanced it made a huge difference in my happiness and well-being. I’ve rarely missed a day for the last 20 years, nor will I miss one in the future.

To Live in Happiness, Joy, Peace, Gratitude and Contentment!

These 5 emotions are the critical emotions that keep our bodies healthy - specifically our 5 main energy systems - Liver, Heart, Stomach, Kidney and Breathing (listed in the corresponding order of the above emotions).

When I keep my life balanced it is easy to live in these emotions which, in turn, contributes to my excellent health. This past year has been really conducive to getting our lives out of balance as travel to family has been challenged, our friendly social meeting place have been closed, the gyms were shut down, etc. As a result, you may now be in a place where some of the important areas that previously kept you in balance are missing.

The 7 areas of balance I chart daily in my tracker are Spiritual, Personal, Physical, Mental, Family, Career and Financial. Under each of these headings, I’ve listed the things I like to do that benefit this specific area. For example, the things that feed my spirit are time with Mother Nature, prayer, creativity and music. At the end of every day I check off which of these were a part of that day.

There are lots of great programs available online, many of them have additional topics that may be a part of your personal need for a balanced life. A great program you other programs available - a great one is the Wheel of Life which you can download for free at thecoachingtoolscompany.com. (Click here for the Wheel of Life)

Some other specifics I have added for my daily “checks” are:
Working out, eating healthy and drinking enough water under Physical.

My career includes the number of client sessions, newsletter, work on website. If you’re retired “Career” could include the time you spend volunteering with an organization as you give of your time for others.

Your personal choices for each area of balance will be whatever is important to you....personal time for me is usually reading a great book or working in my gardens. For you it may be watching sports.

So let’s get started......

#1. Use my list, the Wheel of Life, or create your own:

#2. Under each area add the activities you enjoy that fill this category

#3. Put 14 days worth of columns to the right of your list and for the next 2 weeks check off the activities you experienced each day.

I guarantee you, in 14 days it will be an eye opener to see which areas of balance you are experiencing and which areas are empty. Ask yourself “ Am I experiencing each of the important 5 emotions every week......Happiness, Joy, Peace, Gratitude or Contentment? Is one or more missing?

If so, make a change to get that empty area of balance added to your weekly regimen. Strive to live in all 5 of the healthy emotions and enjoy the change that happens in your emotional, mental and physical well-being.
My suggestions are from an energy healing point of view. They are not a substitute for medical care. This information is not intended as medical advice and should not be used for medical diagnosis or treatment or the intent to create any physician-patient relationship. If you have an illness or disease or are taking medication, please continue treatments as your doctor has prescribed.
Certified Human Behavior Specialist
Certified Body Code and Emotion Code Practitioner
Level 1 Spring Forest Qigong Practitioner