January 2020
The posts are out there like crazy......

"Well, this was fun for 2 days!!"

"Can't wait to try again next year!"

How are you doing with YOUR
New Year's Resolution??
Because It Works!!!
3 years ago when I actually accomplished my New Year's Resolution by March, I was so excited I had accomplished my goal I made a new resolution immediately and kept going.

I'm now working on resolution # 10. With each one I have completely changed my negative thinking about the goal. My new habits are staying - the old habits are not coming back!!

These are 5 of the goals I've accomplished. (The other 5 are a bit more personal and I'll be glad to share them with you on the phone but I'm not putting them out here in "Internet Land!!!:
Improving my communication
Believing in myself
Eliminating judgement
Catching thoughts that sabotage my goals
Living in love

If you want to check it out, I've put links below to the program I use - Dr. Caroline Leaf's app and book. If working with a program isn't your thing, remember.....as Dr. Leaf teaches in the program.....
  1. On day 1 to 3, your Brain is releasing chemicals that give you motivation.
  2. On day #4, the chemicals are no longer being released, which is good, because your Brain is balanced again - but, you don't feel as motivated.

I find Day 4 is the day where I have to dig deep and really focus on my goal with determination. This sets the pace I'm able to continue until my new goal is accomplished!!

Please let me know what you think of the new format. You can hit reply or email me at meredith@meredithbrubaker.com. Thanks!!
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