The Eleven
December 11, 2015
That's what I'm thinking about right now. I'm heading out the door to see the Beatles White Album Christmas at The Alberta Rose Theatre - a potent combination of goodness. With friends. The universe has been very good to me of late. There has been a steady stream of new business energy coming my way; there have been a number of good gatherings where I can tell I'm deeply connected to friends; I had a great trip back to the East Coast to see my family for Thanksgiving and visit our cabin in Sumneytown, PA; my health is good; and the rains haven't washed away the entire city of Portland, yet. 

Feel the Burn
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Then, there's Bernie Sanders - continuing to share wisdom - not running a negative campaign - and making a lot of sense - in such stark comparison to the front-runners from across the political spectrum who I've pretty much tuned out until the primaries are over - figuring I'll deal with whichever nutjob wins the R primary, but not waste a lot of time thinking or listening to them until then.

How are you doing? Write back and let me know. Are you getting super better? I learned about that via Tim Ferriss's interview with Jane McGonigal - it really opened my eyes about the value of games in ways I'd never thought of before.


On the local level we somehow missed the chance to save 3 large coastal redwoods in my neighborhood and they were clear-cut last week. It's very sad - they were some incredible trees and the neighborhood is not organized for quick action. Though I know it's not my fault, there is a way I do feel I was asleep at the wheel and I neglected to use all the tools at my disposal to try to stop the destruction.  We were able to save 2 giant Doug Firs, recently, so I do know that we are capable of pushing back against the demolition and clear-cutting fervor by developers, here. Really, our tree-code just desperately needs to be revised. 

Well, that's it for this episode of the 11. I hope life is treating you well - that you're getting plenty of love and affection in the right direction and that you are having a happy time of it. We only get one chance on this planet - let's give it our best shot and have some laughs and good times while we strive to make things better for all.

Happy Hannukah!

Me at the cabin
Me at Camp Smiley: named after my grandmother, Florence Kitey