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Hello Live Theatre Lovers!

I was so thrilled to be able to get my second vaccination this week! This is a personal choice, but I believe this is something we can all do to stay safe and to open our economy. I can’t wait to sit in a theatre again with friends! I can’t wait for artists to be employed again! I’d like to give a shout out to Magdy Kamel at PureHealth Pharmacy in the Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie. This is a family run business and Mr. Kamel is a master at giving injections! I didn’t feel a thing!
The “V for Victory” pins are in! AND SOLD OUT! Yes, we ordered 500 pins and they sold like hotcakes! Thank you to everyone who waited so patiently for the pins to arrive. The office staff are madly filling the orders. The good news is that we have ordered 1000 more! Please feel free to call our office at 705-445-2200 to place your pre-order. If you have not heard about the pins here is how they were developed:

Thom Vincent is a dear friend and supporter of Theatre Collingwood. When the pandemic hit Thom started thinking ahead to the day when we would all be getting our vaccines, and with the help of his friend Jeff Shearer (On The Bay Magazine) he developed a concept of distributing a pin that people could get when they have been vaccinated, to not only show they have done this, but to encourage others to get vaccinated, too. This pin could generate conversations and, perhaps most of all, assist in helping people to feel confident and safe when they see the person next to them also wearing the pin. Thom enlisted Holger Meiche, who lives and works in Collingwood and owns a creative company called Surface Design, to design these beautiful pins which depict the red maple leaf with a stylized “V” for vaccine and victory over the pandemic.

Truly on point, the pins are also being manufactured in Canada (even though they could have been made for much less off shore). This story gets better, because Thom has offered Theatre Collingwood the opportunity to distribute the pins and to create a fundraising opportunity for our company. These funds will go directly towards our post-pandemic redevelopment of our Youth and Senior Drama Education Program. We could not be more thrilled or appreciative of this opportunity! Pins are $10 each and available on line at www.theatrecollingwood.ca or by calling our office at 705-445-2200. What a great gift for your family and friends! Thank you, Thom!
Thank you to everyone who has purchased PORCHSIDE FESTIVAL TICKETS! Most of our shows are SOLD OUT! This festival is a diverse & accessible series of short plays or concerts, performed on the beautiful historic porches of Collingwood, and featuring an extremely talented array of Canadian artists. Each performance will have 25 socially distanced audience members on their own lawn chairs, enjoying the performances from the lawns of home owners or local businesses. Each performance will have a TC “ambassador” in attendance to ensure that public health protocols are adhered to. This festival will be a litter free event and fulfill our intention to dip our toes into live performance and forge ahead with creative, appreciative and inclusive hearts!

We are also thrilled to be partnering with the Regional Arts Action Network and will have an artist displaying their work at most of the performances, adding another great element to the porch side experience!
We are delighted to be featuring Collingwood’s wonderful Poet Laureate, Claudia Ferraro, in

Claudia was born and raised in Collingwood and is concluding her final year a t Dalhousie University in Halifax, studying for her honours degree in English and Creative Writing. She has led workshops and open mic nights and her poetry has been displayed at the Dalhousie Art Gallery and published in the University's literary magazine, Fathom, of which she is senior editor and head of their social media and marketing team. "I'm so honoured and excited to accept this position with Collingwood, and proud to be part of a community that values poetry.”

Claudia’s “spoken word” show will also feature accomplished poet, Susan Wismer, and Claudia’s mother, Diane Ferraro. The poems Claudia has selected come together to form a narrative that looks at all the things we inherit while our parents are still alive. It’s a sort of coming-of-age story that explores familial and generational trauma, the breaking and healing of it, and invites a conversation. This isn’t a dark piece. It touches on serious issues, but remains hopeful, even a little funny!

Monday, July 5th at 7pm
Tuesday, July 6th at 2pm and 7pm
Location: 243 Birch Street, Collingwood

For tickets call 705-445-2200
Due to how quickly the tickets have sold for this festival, we have decided to add a special BONUS SHOW!
July 12th at 7pm
July 13th at 2pm & 7pm
Location: 87 Third Street

Love, Lust & Longing
a la Cole Porter

Featuring Dean Hollin with accompanist David Fries

No one in the Great American Songbook wrote of love, longing, sex and desire like Cole Porter did.

Sought-after entertainer Dean Hollin’s vocal talents are second to none and in high demand, especially when he shares his incredible knowledge of the Great American Songbook.

Although the Great American Songbook contains the most important and influential American popular songs and jazz standards from the early 20th century, it has had a profound and enduring effect on Canadian and worldwide music lovers and composers.

Put these three facts together and you have a show with talent, history, love, and fantastic music! Join us as we celebrate one of Collingwood’s great talents as he sings all that is Cole Porter!

27 Live Performances, 9 Historic Porches,
1 Amazing Festival!
Join Theatre Collingwood as we celebrate & support community, Canadian talent, health, happiness, diversity, inclusion……and some beautiful porches!
This July in Downtown Collingwood.
Stay tuned for more exciting Theatre Collingwood news coming soon! You’ll want to mark Sunday, August 15th on your calendar, for our 2nd Annual SUNDAY IN THE VINEYARD! This very special afternoon at Georgian Hills Vineyard will feature food & wine pairing, entertainment…and 24 artist-painted birdhouses! More information coming soon!
Check out this super fun video HERE , sent to me from Monica Wilson! This September Broadway’s back!
Thank you. Have a wonderful week! Stay happy and healthy!


Erica Angus
Executive Director, Theatre Collingwood
Please send your comments to erica@theatrecollingwood.ca
Thank you to our 2021 Porch Sponsors
Mr. Kerry Mader & Dr. Brian McCrindle