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Hello Theatre Lovers!

What an amazing eight days it has been around Theatre Collingwood! The PORCHSIDE FESTIVAL is well underway and our audiences have been loving it. So far we have enjoyed Maja Ardal’s fantastic one-woman-show The Cure For Everything, Jeff Madden’s magical voice (including those Frankie Valli tones) in My Life In Song – Act 2, Dean Hollin’s beautiful Cole Porter love songs in Love, Lust, and Longing…a la Cole Porter, and Beau Dixon’s outstanding musical talents and showmanship in Motown and Beyond!

Please send your PORCHSIDE FESTIVAL COMMENTS to Erica HERE. We would love to hear your feedback!

The weather has played havoc with us a bit but, true to the Collingwood spirit, our audiences have been devoted, heartily engaged, and have loved the shows.
We had to postpone two of Dean Hollin’s shows to Monday, July 19th, and today we lost one of Beau Dixon’s shows due to weather concerns. If you had tickets to this last show of Beau’s please call the office.

We are so excited about our province going into Step 3 today, which has meant we could add a few seats at our shows going forward.

At the time of writing this we have a few tickets available for Scott Hurst’s fantastic play Laughton Common this weekend (Saturday and Sunday). Please call the office if you would like to see this (and I truly recommend it!) We also have some availability for Twin Flames and Love Letters, but they are going fast. Again, please call the office Friday morning at 705-445-2200 and our staff will be happy to help you with your purchases.
Just when we thought this festival couldn’t get any better……we have added one more performer!

84 Lockhart Road
Saturday, August 7th at 7pm
Sunday, August 8th at 7pm

Come join Theatre Collingwood as we present SHANE CLOUTIER for an in-person, live, acoustic gig featuring original songs from all three of his solo albums including his most recent release, Lie to Me 'til It's Over. Two performances only. Please call the office or shop for these tickets online HERE.

Canadian alt-folk singer-songwriter Shane Cloutier (also known as #badassofacoustic) has released three acoustic albums, including his most recent 2021 release "Lie to Me 'til It's Over." Shane’s solo career was sparked after facing tragedy and he turned to music as a way to heal. His three albums have been an introspective of facing adversity, while heavily focused on perseverance and reflection.

His first album “In Light” is purely acoustic and features one of his most popular singles “Shape of Me” which reached #5 on the Google Play folk charts. His second album, “Red Wagon” introduces new sounds with live bass and drums. With his most recent album release, "Lie to Me 'til It's Over" he breaks new ground with his acoustic sound mixed with cello and programmed beats, showing a new side of Shane.

With Shane’s determination to push through the heartache and trauma comes success. Shane has collaborated with multiple time Maple Blues award winner Tom Bona, legendary guitar player Frank Marino of Mahogany Rush, and Grammy-nominated cellist Michael Peter Olsen. His unique sound and guitar abilities have caught the attention of notable endorsement companies. Shane is the only Canadian endorsee for the Ibanez acoustic guitar range and the Canadian endorsee for Laney Amplification.

Shane’s strong emotional voice and his work as a guitarist, combined with his heavy metal influences creates an uncommon sound for an alt-folk musician. Shane is originally from Orillia, ON but now resides near Collingwood, ON where he continues to focus on his music.

Thank you to Kevin Hamlin & Michelle Fitzpatrick for sponsoring the Shane Cloutier concerts.
Thank you so much to Julie Card and mycollingwood.ca for these great photos from the Beau Dixon and Rakesh Tewari show,
SPONSORED BY Heather Stitt of RE/MAX AT BLUE INC. https://collingwood-bluemountaincondos.ca/

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Want to support Theatre Collingwood? Please join us SUNDAY, AUGUST 15th. for our 2nd ANNUAL SUNDAY IN THE VINEYARD EVENT AT Georgian Hills Vineyard. Last year we had a wonderful event at the vineyard, where our guests sampled delicious food and wine pairings while being entertained. We look forward to doing it again in even a bigger way! Please order your tickets for $150 (+HST) each and help us to move past this difficult 16 months and continue to entertain our community. Each ticket comes with an $80 tax receipt. We promise a delightful day with friends, great food and beverage, and music for the soul! Tickets are limited so please get your friends on board and order your tickets today. It’s time to CELEBRATE!
Do you have your V-FOR-VACCINATION pin? If you would like to purchase one or more please call our office. $5 from every sale will go to support our redevelopment of our youth and senior drama education program.

Thank you.
Thank you to our 2021 Porch Sponsors
Mr. Kerry Mader & Dr. Brian McCrindle