August 2020 | Issue 68
How Are You Celebrating Child Welfare Workforce Development Month?

Here are a few ideas:
  • Attend the Child Welfare Worker Recognition Event on September 15.
  • Send a picture or two of you and your colleagues working through the pandemic. These will be shown during the event above!
  • Give kudos to a colleague(s) who has adjusted their practice to serve families and children during such unprecedented, challenging conditions.
  • Spread the word using graphics, templates, and our Facebook profile picture frame.
  • Share your story! Do your friends and family really know what you do? If not, we encourage you to share a story with them that shows why you do this heart work and how you support children and families in your community. If we all take the opportunity to explain what we do, and how we are changing our services so families come first, we can engage those around us to help build systems of family support and community-based child protection.
  • View our 1-pager, 6 Ways to Keep Learning, to discover tools that can enhance your impact.