Cultural Tuesdays: A Conversation
with Dr. Franco Gallippi
Cultural Tuesdays made its return on February 23rd with the seven-part virtual lecture series, “Seven Decades of Fellini” with Dr. Franco Gallippi. We recently asked Dr. Gallippi a few questions about these new online presentations and the importance of Federico Fellini.
Q: What is the importance of Federico Fellini to Italian cinema?
A: Fellini is often referred to as “the maestro,” and I think he did become, at some point of his career, the teacher for many younger Italian directors who were looking for a role model. He has influenced so many who went on to become famous themselves, like Nanni Moretti, Lina Wertmüller, and Roberto Benigni. The screenwriter for the Oscar-winning “La Grande Bellezza” (“The Great Beauty”, 2013), Umberto Contarello, considers Fellini’s work on the same level as ‘The Odyssey’ by Homer, a kind of reservoir where one can find infinite resources for telling a worthwhile story: “If you make a film about a journey, it’s impossible not to unconsciously make reference to ‘The Odyssey.’ A film that has Rome as a principal character fixed in space can’t help but draw on its foundational archetype, which is Fellini’s ‘La Dolce Vita’”.
Q: What does Federico Fellini mean to Italian culture and heritage?
A: I think no one like Fellini has attempted to capture the essence of Italian culture in his films. He never ceased to interrogate the role and the presence of the Church in Italy, for instance. He never ceased to scrutinize the politics of Italy, its contradictions, and orderly chaos. He never ceased to look at the Italian family as a wonderful and suffocating experience within a Catholicism that poses limits, but within these limits, a most incredible “game” and celebration of life is made possible.
Q: What do you want people to learn in these lectures?
A: It would be nice if people learned that there is always something to learn. Fellini’s imagination was inexhaustible, and he really strived to understand the nature of creativity and how important it is in life, not only as a successful artist but in the daily lives of so-called regular people who are not considered artists in the sense of producing artwork. The impulse to create is natural in human beings and finding a healthy and natural outlet for that creativity is something Fellini knew had to be satisfied. Fellini demonstrates this with his films. When he talked about his films, he uses terms that describe a natural process, as if the films came out of him when they were ready and ripe. This, for him, was the essence of creativity: nothing forced but the bearing of fruit as an apple tree bears apples.
Click below to read the full interview on our website and don’t miss the next lecture in the series, “Fellini’s La Dolce Vita: Not so Dolce”, on Tuesday, March 9 at 7:00pm. The registration fee for each lecture is only $5.00.
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Villa Charities & Movies Move Us Present Virtual Premiere of “Being with Refugees”
Join us on Monday, March 15, 2021, as audiences across Canada and Italy will unite through the virtual screening of Italian director Ludovico De Maistre’s film “Being with Refugees.” This documentary film will be screened on the 10-year anniversary of the outbreak of the Syrian Civil War. There will be a live Q&A after the movie with the filmmaker to educate communities, empower organizations at the forefront and inspire future leaders on this important issue.
Our “Short Stories in Italian” Workshops Continue
These free monthly classes will offer students of Italian at all levels the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of contemporary literature in both Italian and English translations. It includes stories by established literary figures such as Italo Calvino and Primo Levi, as well as the new generation of writers. Aspects of Sicilian and Italian life are explored by Leonardo Sciascia and Goffredo Parise. The focus of the class will be on learning new vocabulary and Italian words. An electronic copy of the story will be provided in advance upon registering. The next workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, March 24 at 12:00pm.
March’s Book Club Selection is Here!
Our online book club is an opportunity to explore and discuss contemporary
Italian literature while learning Italian. Join us for the winter 2021 sessions, where we
will embark on literary adventures with extraordinary works by acclaimed prize-winning authors. The next workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, March 24 at 7:00pm as we read “La lunga vita di Marianna Ucrìa / The Silent Duchess” by Dacia Maraini.
Don’t Miss the Final [Re]Connected Seniors Virtual Workshops
[Re]Connected Seniors is a digital learning project by Villa Charities, funded in part by the Government of Canada and United Way of Greater Toronto. [Re]Connected Seniors has initialized an iPad lending library within Villa Charities’ apartments for seniors (Caboto Terrace, Casa Del Zotto, Casa Abruzzo) and has continued their series of virtual workshops to improve the digital literacy of seniors throughout the GTA! To book a place in one of the workshops, contact Matteo Brera at or by phone at 416-789-7011 ext. 333.
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Columbus Centre Athletic Club Introduces Two New Virtual Yoga Programs
Columbus Centre Athletic Club continues to expand their virtual programs and will be offering Restorative Chair Yoga starting Thursday, March 11, and Vinyasa Yoga starting Sunday, March 14. Restorative Yoga is a deeply relaxing practice of supported poses, guided relaxation, yogic breathing and an extended final resting pose. Vinyasa Yoga (a root form of Ashtanga Yoga) is characterized by a focus on dynamic connecting posture that creates a flow between the more static traditional yoga postures. Both classes will be taught virtually with groups of 5 – 15 participants. For pricing and to learn more, visit our website today!

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For at-home fitness workouts, the Columbus Centre Athletic Club continues to offer Virtual Group Fitness classes. Our certified instructors are offering courses six days a week! Check out Wednesday’s class - Total Body Challenge. This class targets all major muscle groups in the body. Each circuit includes three or four exercises that alternate between upper body and lower body as well as bilateral and unilateral for a unique quick-paced workout. Monthly membership fees are only $24.99 + HST and include access to our full fitness class video library. For more information, visit our website and register today.
DanzArts Recreational Dance Classes Continue to be Offered Online
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