A Message of Thanks for our Long-Term Care Workers
Villa Charities would like to shine a light on the extraordinary efforts of front line health care workers and support staff battling the global COVID-19 pandemic. The staff at our affiliate Long-Term Care Homes - Villa Colombo Toronto and Villa Colombo Vaughan, are going above and beyond the call of duty to care for and protect the most vulnerable citizens in our community, our seniors. The demand for services and the strains being placed on the capacity of our overall health care system require extraordinary efforts and a single-minded commitment by all of those involved, often at the expense of personal sacrifices involving families and loved ones.

Your $50 Donation Can Provide Essential Grocery Items to a Senior in Need
As our seniors take every precaution to remain isolated and safe, grocery shopping continues to be a challenge for many. In response, Villa Charities has partnered with Longo’s to prepare a “Food Comfort Package” for every resident living at Casa Del Zotto, Caboto Terrace and Casa Abruzzo. Each package contains $50 worth of food staples such as dried pasta, tomato sauce, olive oil, vegetables, beans and chickpeas, canned tuna, ‘S’ cookies and more. Please consider donating $50 or more toward this initiative. Your donation will go directly toward the purchase of Food Comfort Packages for seniors in need.

Villa Colombo Toronto Resident Makes Protective Masks
Domenico Dipilla is an 84-year-old resident at Villa Colombo Toronto who has had a lifelong career as a designer and business owner in Toronto's fashion district. Upon moving to Villa Colombo Toronto, Domenico opened a small tailor shop in our long-term care home to provide garment alterations for the other residents. He realized that there would be a shortage of face masks and decided he would use his shop to sew masks to protect fellow residents against COVID-19. We kindly thank Domenico for his hard work and contributions.

Villa Charities Hosts Outdoor Musical Performances for Seniors
Villa Charities introduced Serenata Al Fresco , weekly outdoor performances at our independent seniors’ apartments by local Italian Canadian musicians, for residents to enjoy from the safety and comfort of their homes. On Friday, April 24, we held our first performances at Caboto Terrace and Casa Del Zotto by Italian Canadian musician and award-winning entertainer, Bruno Nesci. Upcoming performances include Bruno Nesci at Casa Abruzzo on Friday, May 1, and accordion virtuoso, Claudio Santaluce at Caboto Terrace and Casa Del Zotto on Friday, May 8.

Villa Charities Provides Meals to Seniors with Support from Food Partners
Villa Charities is working with several food partners and restaurants to provide free pre-packaged meals and comfort grocery staples to the residents. In partnership with Toronto-based food services company The Food Dudes, we will provide pre-packaged meals. We will be delivering Focaccia Toscana and other products to apartment residents on a regular basis, in partnership with Pizza Nova. And in partnership with Longo’s, Villa Charities has secured a basketful of grocery staples for each resident to enjoy.

Villa Charities Continues with Outdoor Fitness Classes for Seniors
Every Tuesday, Villa Charities will continue to support its seniors' apartments residents through outdoor ZUMBA ® classes. Residents can follow along with Columbus Centre Athletic Club instructors, for an opportunity to get some exercise, enjoy great music and have fun, while staying safe in their homes. The next sessions will be held on Tuesday, May 5.

Support COVID-19 Safety Measures and Keep our Seniors Safe
Please consider making a donation in support of COVID-19 safety measures at Casa Del Zotto, Caboto Terrace and Casa Abruzzo today. As COVID-19 continues and as more seniors self-isolate, we anticipate the demands for our safety measures to grow. Villa Charities is taking extraordinary steps to protect the health of our seniors and your generous donation can help fund essential COVID-19 safety measures at our independent seniors’ apartments.

Proceeds from New Children’s Book Donated to Villa Charities Foundation
Writer Ava Baccari from Vaughan, Ontario has written her second children’s book. “Then the Robins Sang”, published by Channel 13 and now available in paperback and eBook on Amazon, is dedicated to all the kids who have been indoors since the beginning of spring due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ava hopes this sweet story will remind everyone that we are in this together. To help with COVID-19 relief efforts and to acknowledge Ava’s Italian heritage, 100% of the proceeds from each sale of “Then the Robins Sang” will be donated to Villa Charities Foundation.

Donate to the Italy
COVID-19 Response Appeal
The Italian Government, together with the Canadian Red Cross, have launched a campaign to help support the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Funds raised will go directly to the Italian Red Cross, to support it and the Italian Civil Protection in their efforts to fight COVID-19. Please consider supporting this campaign through a contribution to the Canadian
Red Cross.

Sign Up for New Online Learn Italian by Doing Program
Join us every Sunday at 11am for our new series “ Domenica in Cucina - Learn Italian by Doing from Angelita’s Kitchen” to learn new Italian vocabulary, all while preparing easy-to-follow, classic Italian recipes. The next session will be held on Sunday, May 3, when we will be making Tiramisu. Contact us today to book your spot – limited spaces available!

Enjoy Readings of “Gioventù” and “The Last Aunt” by Pier Giorgio Di Cicco
Born in Arezzo, Italy, Pier Giorgio Di Cicco served as the City of Toronto’s Poet Laureate from 2004 to 2009. He has written 13 books of poetry, and his prose focuses on the Italian Diaspora in North America, family conflict, spiritual identity and global problems. Join DopoLavoro Teatrale actresses Danya Buonastella and Maddalena Vallecchi Williams for video poetry readings of “Gioventù” and “The Last Aunt” by Laureate Pier Giorgio Di Cicco.

Our “Five Minutes of Italian Canadiana” Video Series Explores Toronto’s First Little Italy
Join Professor Matteo Brera for “ Pillole di storia Italo-Canadese – Five Minutes of Italian Canadiana”, a series of short video clips that highlight the important moments in the history of Italian presence in the GTA. The third episode in the series discusses “The Ward: Toronto’s First Little Italy.”

Paint from Home with Columbus Centre Instructor Sam Paonessa
Enjoy our newest free tutorial on painting rocks and trees, led by Columbus Centre instructor/artist Sam Paonessa. In this tutorial, you’ll learn to paint other essential elements of landscape painting, rocks and trees, using some different tools. Sam will demonstrate his techniques of creating convincing rock textures and coniferous trees, and will present interesting brush techniques, such as how to use a palette knife and a silicone shaper. This tutorial is tailored towards adults with some prior painting experience.

Villa Charities Supports Third Annual Toronto Italian Book Festival
Celebrate Italian-Canadian culture and literary expression with the third annual “ Librissimi Toronto Italian Book Festival” on Saturday, May 9 at 1pm, organized by Comites Toronto with support from Villa Charities. This year, the event will be hosted online virtually via Zoom and live streamed on the Librissimi Facebook page and Comites Toronto YouTube channel.

Villa Charities Launches Inaugural Scholarship Program
Villa Charities has launched a new national scholarship program for post-secondary undergraduate and graduate students. The Villa Charities Scholarship Program will be available to students of all backgrounds and faiths, who believe in and will help further Villa Charities’ mission to enrich lives through experiences and services that honour Italian culture and heritage. Applications must be submitted by June 30, 2020.

DanzArts Toronto Students Participate in Virtual Dance Convention
On April 18 and 19, our competitive team at DanzArts Toronto had the opportunity to experience a live virtual dance event! Hosted by two-time Outstanding Choreography Emmy award-winner, Travis Wall, “Break the Floor LIVE” was streamed in real time from Break the Floor’s new state-of-the-art studios in Los Angeles. The event featured two live rooms of interactive classes with some incredibly talented faculty members from JUMP, NUVO and 24 Seven. The DanzArts community was grateful for this opportunity to connect with the dance industry around the world during these challenging times.

Try our Home Workout Videos to Maintain Your Fitness Regimen
Take advantage of our Home Workout video series to help maintain your workout routine while staying fit and healthy from home! The latest workout video includes Bent Over Row, Butt Kickers, Point Rainbow Kicks, Single Arm Row, Supine Scissors and Shoulder External Rotation. Please watch the video and then follow along with the workout description on our website. Try Home Workout #5 now!

Enjoy a Free Preview of TLN Media Group TV Channels
TLN Media Group (TMG) is committed to keeping Canadians informed and entertained now more than ever. A FREE PREVIEW of the TMG family of TV channels is now available with participating carriers across Canada until June 2020. Enjoy the best of Italy and beyond on English language lifestyle channel TLN TV , PLUS get access to news and entertainment programs directly from Italy via all Italian-language news channel TGCOM24 and Mediaset Italia Canada .