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January 2020
The Director of OSEP visits with the Student-Centered Transitions Network (SCTN)
Group picture of the SCTN with the OSEP Director
In December, the Student-Centered Transitions Network had our first face-to-face meeting with who we call "The Powerhouse of 20!" The Powerhouse of 20 are the 20 education specialists for transition from the Education Service Centers (ESCs) across the state.

At this meeting, we had an opportunity to visit with Laurie VanderPloeg, the Director for the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) in Washington D.C. In addition to sharing her vision for special education in the United States, we also had an opportunity to share our vision for Transition in Texas. We look forward to sharing more great things happening in Texas with her again soon, so please reach out and let us know about the great transition services in your district or charter.
Texas Transition Conference in February 2020
Let's talk healthcare transition
As part of our role in providing comprehensive transition services to the students we serve, we all want to have the best tools in our toolkit. Making sure that students and families have access to healthcare transition resources can be as simple as having healthcare checklists for making doctor's appointments and taking medicine. However, it may also address more complex needs like transitioning from pediatric care to adult care or changing your medical home model's core team.

This month we want you to take inventory of the healthcare transition resources that are in your toolbox. If you are looking to add to your toolkit, here are some of our recommendations:

  • Navigate Life Texas: Check out the helpful timelines and steps in planning for medical transition in Texas
  • TexasYouth2Adult: This is an interactive tool created to empower youth with special health care needs to grow successfully into adulthood
  • Got Transition: National resource that includes transition assessments in the Six Core Elements of Healthcare Transition

Do you have more great tools that address healthcare transition? Send us an email and let us know what you are using!
When is a district or charter school required to provide the notice of transfer of rights?
A district or charter school is required, not later than one year before the 18th birthday of a student with a disability, to provide to the student and the student’s parent:
  1. Written notice regarding the transfer of rights and information and resources regarding guardianship, alternatives to guardianship, including supported decision-making agreement and other supports and services that may enable the student to live independently; and
  2. Ensure that the student’s IEP includes a statement that the district provided written notice.

Additionally, the district or charter school is required to provide information regarding guardianship or alternatives to guardianship, if the student or student’s parents request it.

Where can I find more information about these requirements? The Notice of Transfer of Rights Model Form is available on the TEA website if your district or charter would like to see an example of the required information that should be available.