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February 2020
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Let's talk transition assessment
As part of our role in providing comprehensive transition services to the students we serve, we all want to have access to the best tools to help us develop the most meaningful transition plans. One way to do this is with relevant, age-appropriate transition assessments.

This month we want to highlight some of our favorite resources for transition assessment. If you are looking to add to your transition assessment toolkit, here are some resources that you may find helpful:

Do you have more great tools that address transition assessment? Send us an email and let us know what you are using!
When should a district or charter school begin to address decision-making skills, including self-determination, as part of transition planning?
One of the new transition requirements that has been in effect since the 2018-2019 school year is related to decision-making skills and self-determination. Let's take a closer look at that requirement below.

Not later than when a child reaches age 14, the admission, review, and dismissal (ARD) committee must consider and, if appropriate, address:
  • The use and availability of appropriate:
  • Supplementary aids, services, curricula, and other opportunities to assist the child in developing decision-making skills; and
  • Supports and services to foster the child's independence and self-determination, including a supported decision-making agreement
As you prepare to address these components, consider the following questions:
  • Where and when do you currently teach decision-making skills?
  • At what age or grade level do you begin to address decision-making skills within the TEKS?
  • What supplemental resources do you have available to teach skills for decision-making and self-determination?

Where can I find more resources to support these requirements? The I'm Determined website is a great place to find resources to teach decision-making and self-determination from elementary to secondary instruction.