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February 2021
Inclusion in Texas Accessibility and Specialization Tools
The Inclusion in Texas Network has been working to develop accessibility and
specialization tools that will help teachers more easily provide supports to their students. These free tools can be found under the Accessibility and Specialization Tools tab on the network webpage. Each accommodation has a drop-down menu that provides links to tools to provide the accommodation or specialization. The list of tools will continue to expand with additional resources, so keep checking back. 
Meet the SCTN Leadership Team!
Dr. Vickie Mitchell, Lead for the Student-Centered Transitions Network
Connecting to college and career readiness
Have you visited the Jobs Y'all website launched by the Texas Workforce Commission to raise awareness about the opportunities and benefits of fast-growing industries in Texas? This website has lots of great resources to help students learn more about in-demand careers.
In addition to student resources, this website also provides resources to help parents, teachers, counselors, and mentors explore top industries and help students develop career goals.

Some of the resources include:
Have the eligibility requirements for earning an endorsement changed for students that receive special education services as a result of the 86th Legislative Session (June 2019)?
Yes. The 86th Legislative Session passed House Bill 165 (HB165), which allows a student that has completed the required courses and credits on the Foundation High School Program, including additional credits in math, science, electives, and the courses required for the endorsement with or without modifications* to the curriculum, to earn an endorsement beginning in the 2019-2020 school year. This information is also found in the Texas Education Code (TEC) 28.025 (c-7).
*When an ARD committee determines that modifications to the curriculum are required, the ARD committee must also ensure that the curriculum remains sufficiently rigorous in order for the student to retain eligibility for an endorsement.
Additionally, HB165 states that the student's ARD committee shall determine whether the student is required to achieve satisfactory performance on an end-of-course assessment to earn an endorsement on the student's transcript.
Before the 2019-2020 school year, a student receiving special education services was required to complete the courses and credits on the Foundation High School Program, including additional credits in math, science, electives, and the courses required for the endorsement (with or without modified curriculum), the course requirements of at least one endorsement (which did not contain any modified curriculum), and pass at least three end-of-course assessments, to earn an endorsement. HB165 now replaces these requirements for currently enrolled students.

Rulemaking has begun for the Commissioner's Rules related to the graduation requirements above, so stay tuned to the Commissioner's Rules on the Texas Education Agency website for more information about the rule adoption.