Season's Greetings from all of us at LITB!
Upcoming in Atlanta:
School Discipline That Works Conference

The School Discipline That Works Conference -- co-sponsored by Lives in the Balance  and the US Alliance to End the Hitting of Children -- is scheduled for February 8 & 9 , 2018!  The conference features presentations by Tina Payne Bryson, Ross Greene, Carol Ann Tomlinson, Greg Santucci, David Corwin, Vicki Corwin, Bettina Love, Robbyn Peters Bennett, and George Davis.  This promises to be an information-filled two days that you won't want to miss!  For more information and to register, click here .
New England School Mental Health Conference

The Lives in the Balance New England School Mental Health Conference was held in Norwood, Massachusetts on November 6-7 and featured Christian Stewart-Ferrer, a internationally renowned Danish authority on autism spectrum disorders speaking for the first time in North America, along with leading experts Lisa Ferentz (trauma), Steven Fiefer (learning and emotional disabilitiies), Adele Lafrance (Emotion-Focused School Support), and Dr. Greene (Collaborative & Proactive Solutions). Over 250 participants were in attendance, and gave overwhelmingly rave reviews!  Dates for next year's conference are forthcoming!

Making It Possible:
Two Fall Fundraisers

We are grateful beyond words to several of our Advisory Committee members for hosting fall fundraisers to support our forthcoming documentary, T he Kids We Lose , to be released in May, 2018.  The first was in September in Newton, Massachusetts, and was hosted by AJ & Cindy Janower and Mike & Dena Rashes (pictured in top row).  The second took place in October in Boston and was hosted by Randi & Joel Cutler (pictured in bottom row).  Thanks to all who attended and are supporting this important Lives in the Balance project!

Across the Universe:
Another Amazing European Summit

The Lives in the Balance Second Annual European Summit on Non-Punitive, Non-Adversarial Interventions for At-Risk Kids - co-sponsored by KIS - was held in Gothenburg, Sweden in October and November. Streaming video is forthcoming!  And mark your calendars for our 2018 European Summit which will be Oct 29-30, 2018 in Gothenburg!

Are You In?
Compassionate Communities

Compassionate Communities is your way to show that your classroom or school are subscribing to certain values in your interactions with kids. When you enter your name and address here, you'll receive a door decal and poster to signify your commitment to the values of Compassionate Communities and intention to adhere to those values.

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