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High-stakes tests, zero tolerance policies, time-outs, suspensions, detentions, and cookie-cutter interventions got you down? Still struggling to solve the problems that are causing your child's challenging behavior? Ready to come up for air, recharge your CPS batteries, and connect with parents, providers, and educators who are blazing a different trail? Register  for our  Seventh Annual Lives in the Balance Summit !
This year's Summit will be held on  Monday, October 2nd in  Portland, Maine , and features a keynote from Dr. Ross Greene and introductory and advanced sessions specifically geared toward educators, parents, and clinicians. So whether you're new to the CPS model or an old hand, you'll find what you're looking for. And if checking out the fall leaves in Maine is appealing to you, you may want to arrive early.
New England School Mental Health Summit
Our First New England School Mental Health Summit is scheduled for 
November 6 and 7  in  Norwood, Massachusetts , and you're in for quite an experience! One of the world's leading authorities on autism --  Christian Stewart-Ferrer  -- will be flying in from Denmark to speak in North America for the first time!  As an individual diagnosed with autism, he speaks with first-hand knowledge and a wealth of professional experience on how to help students on the spectrum. He'll be joined by numerous talented, dynamic, internationally recognized speakers -- Lisa Ferentz (trauma), Steve Fiefer (learning disabilities), Adele Lafrance (emotion focused classrooms), and Dr. Greene (Collaborative & Proactive Solutions). These two days are not to be missed! Register 
The Kids We Lose
Lives in the Balance Documentary

Due for release in April, 2018,  The Kids We Lose presents a poignant, moving portrayal of the often brutal ways in which kids with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges are treated, and a  balanced, compassionate picture   of the difficulties caregivers have in finding the right help.  The Kids We Lose   doesn't aim to embarrass or humiliate parents, school personnel, or treatment facilities, but will call attention to the human toll involved in dealing with behaviorally challenging kids and the extraordinary expense involved in having these kids pass through the revolving door of special education programs, treatment facilities, and prison. It's a documentary whose time has come...learn more here .
2017 Annual European Summit
Our Annual European Summit on Non-Punitive, Non-Adversarial Interventions for At-Risk Kids will be held in  Gothenberg, Sweden October 31-November 2 , and features presentations by Dr. Greene, Mary Bougondien, Bo Hejlskov ElveĢn, Simon Kyaga, Eric Donell, Gunilla Carlsson Kendall, and Paula Tilli.  Register  here.  

Calling All Kids!
We're in the process of creating a kids' section of the website and -- if you're a kid -- we want to hear from you! What do you think would be helpful for us to feature?  What would be important for kids to know about the CPS model?  What would interest other kids?  Email us  your ideas!

The Radio Programs Are Back!
It's September, and that means our two web-based radio programs --  Parenting Your Challenging Child  and  Helping Behaviorally Challenging Students  -- are back on the air. The parents program is airing at the same time (11 am ET) but on a different day (Tuesdays), still once a month, with the addition of our Director of Outreach, Kim Hopkins-Betts, and several parents from The B Team Facebook group. The educators program airs on the same time and same day (the first Monday of every month, 3:30 pm ET), and there are a few new voices on that program as well. Get your questions in...we'll be ready with answers!
2 minute video highlight: 
What to do in the midst of an explosion?

What to do in the midst of an explosion

Make Your Classroom A Compassionate Community
Tell the world that you subscribe to a set of values consistent with treating students with respect!  First, order our free Compassionate Communities package. Next, display your Compassionate Communities sticker in your classroom, so your students know how they can expect to be treated. Then, with your smartphone, take a picture of your sticker in your classroom (get creative!) and share it with us via Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag
#I'min ...then find your picture on the Lives in the Balance website!

Join in on some helpful, lively discussions...
A lot of folks who are on-the-ground and in the trenches implementing CPS in their homes, schools, practices, facilities, etc...and they are talking about their ups and downs on Facebook.   Click here to see our list of Facebook groups and join in on the discussion today!