what to do this month

  • Enroll in your Summer 2022 courses as of Monday, November 1st in SOLUS 
  • Register for an Exam Prep Webinar with SASS  
what to watch for

FALL 2021 
November 15, 2021: Last day to submit exam accommodation requests (If applicable) 
December 3, 2021: Classes end 
December 8 - 22, 2021: Exam Period 
HOLIDAY CLOSING: The Arts & Science Online office will be closed during the week of December 27, and will re-open on Monday, January 3.  
what's happening in ASO

  • Congrats to Fall 2021 Graduates
  • December Exams
  • Registration for Summer 2022 Term
  • Ban Righ Spring Awards
  • Upcoming Virtual Events
  • Looking for some help?
  • #ICYMI

We're so excited for and proud of our Fall 2021 graduates! To recognize and congratulate all of our graduates, we have updated our Class of 2021 Congrats page. We hope that you will take the opportunity to share a celebratory message for our Fall graduates. You can also view the Fall list of conferred graduates
If you are planning to graduate in the Spring, you can apply to do so starting December 1

Information about how to apply to graduate can be found here
All Students Writing Proctored Exams 
Check your exam date and time in SOLUS 
Your exam date and time can be found in your SOLUS account. On your SOLUS main page, under the ‘Academics’ section, click on the ‘other academic…’ dropdown menu; ‘Exam Schedule’ will be the 11th menu item listed. Click on it, then click on the ‘Go’ icon; from this screen, you will be able to view your exam date and time. 
Examity online proctoring 
All proctored exams will be written with Examity online proctoring. You will receive an announcement in your onQ course page approximately 2 weeks before your exam with directions for logging into Examity and scheduling your exam(s). All details will be provided in this announcement, so please be sure to check your onQ page carefully. The exam will begin on the day and time set in SOLUS, but there will be a 36-hour window open with several times for you to choose from. Therefore, students writing in any time zone will be able to book their exam to suit their own schedule.  
Practice test 
You will be given the opportunity to take a Practice Test with Examity between November 22 and December 3, which allows you to run through the authentication process and what will be expected of you during your actual exam. The full list of technical requirements for Examity can be found here.  
Academic Consideration 
Students are expected to write their exams as scheduled, which includes arranging work and travel to accommodate the exam schedule/details provided. Changes to the dates or start times of exams cannot be made at this time unless you feel you have extenuating circumstances preventing you from writing the exam as outlined in the academic consideration policy. If this is the case, please fill out the form on that website. Further Information on Exam Regulations and Academic Integrity are available here
Students who have submitted a Letter of Accommodation through the Academic Accommodations and Considerations portal on their onQ page will have their applicable accommodations applied to their exam on Examity. Extra time accommodations will not reflect in the length of your exam when you schedule it with Examity. They are applied directly to the exam in onQ.

Registration is now open in SOLUS for the Summer 2022 term! Visit the ASO Courses website to see the courses that will be offered online this Summer.  For help with enrolling in courses in SOLUS, check out these step-by-step instructions (under "add or drop courses").  If you are not term activated for the Summer 2022 term, please let us know by sending an email to asc.online@queensu.ca.

Students who identify as women, have experienced a gap in their formal education of two years or more and/or are mothers, and who demonstrate financial need may apply for these awards. Applications are due by email at 3pm on December 1, 2021. Contact Lisa Webb for more information and for an application package. Ban Righ Website. 

Ban Righ Centre Noon Zoom Virtual Lounge 
Join Ban Righ staff, students, and friends in a casual drop in to say hi, or to stay to chat. It's a good way to check in, see some familiar faces, and meet some new people too! We will post the link on Facebook each day as a reminder. Visit the Ban Righ Website for other virtual events. 
Movies for Mental Health: creating supportive communities for survivors of sexual violence - November 10th 7pm-9pm 
Join Queen’s Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Services on November 10th from 7-9pm for "Movies for Mental Health: creating supportive communities for survivors of sexual violence.” This event will feature award winning short films, activities, and a panel discussion with students and resources. We all can play a part in building supportive communities for survivors, join us on November 10th to learn how! 

We know these conversations can be difficult, and so we'll be giving away a number of care-for-yourself prizes after the event, including gift cards to places like Presidents Choice, Indigo, and Starbucks! Visit the link below to get your ticket today! bit.ly/quslc-m4mho-sv

Student Academic Success Services (SASS) Workshops: Mark your calendar with these upcoming webinar dates below and register now! 

  • Student Wellness Services (SWS) supports the personal, academic, and social health development of students at Queen's University by providing a range of programs and services. We aim to offer a welcoming, confidential, and integrated service that is responsive to your health and wellness needs. Please visit their website to access the various services available to you. 
  • Our Peer Mentor Program is a great program to help newly admitted students adjust to their academic journey. Our Peer Mentors can help guide you with learning strategies, refer you to various personal and academic resources, and most importantly a person who you can build a connection with! If you are interested in joining our program in either capacity, please send us an email at asc.online@queensu.ca
  • Academic Advising appointments are always available to help you navigate your questions about academic regulations, appeals, course planning and much more. To schedule an appointment, please contact  asc.online@queensu.ca to request a date and time that may work for you. 
  • Career Services offers a comprehensive range of accessible services to support and empower you in making informed decisions about your career, further education and employment next steps. 
  • Student Academic Success Service (SASS) runs online workshops on the topics of reading and note taking, writing university level assignments, exam preparation, and more. In addition to the webinars, SASS also offers you help with your academic skills. Their website has many useful resources and you can also book one-on-one appointments with a Learning Strategist. Book an appointment with SASS today or learn more on the SASS website
Email asc.online@queensu.ca or phone 613-533-3322 Arts and Science Online is here to help you with registration, online course access, exams, course selection and program requirements. When writing to us, please use your Queen's email and include your Student ID in the message.
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