What's Up KEA?

Welcome Back!

Hopefully, your first day was enjoyable, and you were able to connect with your previous colleagues, as well as, meet some new ones!  

A few issues have been brought to our attention, so we thought that we would put the information in one place for everyone to read.

Class sizes are huge and over the cap. Yes, we were aware that this was going to happen. There will be a lot of last-minute hiring and shifting kids around. The district has until September 15 to balance class sizes per the CBA. KEA agrees with you that this is not what is best for our students. Unfortunately, this staffing practice is a management decision and not a contract violation. KEA will continue to advocate for better staffing allocations in the Spring.


Teachers have 90 days to complete SAFE Schools Training. Some of the topics covered in SAFE Schools training are required by law. The law does not require that the training be online, nor does it dictate when the training is completed. Since the district has claimed that it is mandatory, then it must be completed during the workday during principal-directed time. Your principal will make the time during the two workshop days, or during principal-directed Wednesdays.

No Reassignments After August 26

Due to the understaffing of teachers in our buildings, there will be a lot of movement in the first couple of weeks of school. According to the CBA, a teacher cannot move grade levels or subjects without the prior approval of HR and KEA after the first workshop day. If this is requested by the principal, then compensation is available to members. KEA bargained hard for compensation and assignment language, and we must hold to the contract. It does not mean that a teacher who is willing to be reassigned will be stopped from doing so, but the district must compensate them for their flexibility. On the flipside, if a teacher does not wish to be reassigned, it's highly unlikely that KEA would ever agree to a reassignment.   Call the KEA office if you have any questions at 253 852-1350.
Professional Development Opportunities for 2019-20

In 2018-19, KEA offered classes and workshops totaling over 50 clock hours for KEA members. That's more than half of what's needed to renew your teaching certificate! And members also have access to many more classes sponsored by WEA in the Puget Sound area.Although we don't have firm dates yet, KEA hopes to offer the following classes this year:
TPEP (Evaluation), Teacher Certification 101, Creating a PGP (Professional Growth Plan) for Clock Hours, Culturally Responsive Strategies, Implicit Bias Training, Teacher/Educator Loan Forgiveness, Special Ed Law Overview, Introduction to IEP's, IEP Team Monitoring, Next Generation Science Standards (STEM), and ELL Culture/Equity/Language-Closing the Gap.
Be sure to watch your school and home email for registration emails. Classes fill up quickly! In addition to FREE clock hours, and class materials, typically KEA provides dinner prior to the class. 
Upcoming Events
Exec Board
Wednesday, Sept 11 - 4:00 pm
Rep Council
Wednesday, Sept 18 - 4:00 pm
Newbie Monday 
Monday, Sept 23 - 5:00 pm
Rep Council Training
Saturday, Oct 5 - 9:00 am
Be sure to check the KEA calendar for upcoming events
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