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Do We Have to Turn in Our Plan Books?...

It depends on who you ask. Some principals have said yes, some say no. Some HR personnel say yes, some say no. Board Policy #2023 that states that "lesson plan books will be held in the school building for at least one year." Board Policy #5283P, "Employee Checkout Sheet," does not include lesson plan books that must be turned in.
To further complicate the issue, some principals have offered up the office assistants to make copies of all the teachers plan books so that teachers have access to their plan books over the summer. We are sure that we will be hearing from KAEOP regarding that issue, as they may want to have some input into that directive.
It appears that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. If it's an issue for you, then go to the admin that will give you the answer that you want to hear. If you can't find that one, give us a call, and we will go to the admin who will give us the answer that we want to hear. One way or the other, KEA will support you. 
Do You Have Students Working for You?...

This year, we have had KEA members reprimanded for having students over to their house. In at least one case, the member was accused of having a student spend the night - because the employee had a child who was having a friend staying over. In another case, the district frowned upon a member because students were being paid to do yardwork.
This is something that we have never come up against. It has not been uncommon for teachers to hire responsible students to do yard work, house sit, babysit, walk the dog, etc. It is KEA's recommendation to put this practice on hold, as it may become a topic of an investigation. KEA has asked for an official policy regarding students working for teachers or having students over at their house. The KSD legal adviser was not prepared to give an official statement on this issue. However, for now actions involving students appear to be under HR scrutiny. 
Classroom Moves...

Please remember that according to the KEA contract, if an employee is asked to move to another classroom, that employee receives 15 hours of pay. The last time we talked to HR, only a handful of secondary teachers had been approved to move. No elementary teachers had been approved. So, if your principal has asked you to move classrooms, make sure you are asking what the budget number is when you fill out your timesheet. This holds true for teachers who have been invited, suggested, encouraged, voluntold, or otherwise asked nicely to move. Our guess is once you have for the budget number, you will not need to move.
KEA Teachers Rock!
Mariners Teacher Appreciation Night

Join us for the Kent Education Association "Teachers Rock" Day at T-Mobile Park. Gather your family and friends and join KEA for an afternoon of sun and baseball as we celebrate you!

Mariners v. Baltimore Orioles 
Saturday, June 22, 2019
@ 1:10 pm

KEA Teachers Rock! Seattle Storm Game

Join us for a night of basketball! KEA Teacher Appreciation Night with the Seattle Storm! 

June 28th @ 7 pm

Seattle Storm v. Chicago Sky


KEA Teachers Rock! Tacoma Rainers

Join your KEA Family for a afternoon of baseball at Cheney Stadium! Tickets include meals and start at $14 each.

July 12 @ 1:35 pm
Tacoma Rainiers v. Reno
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