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Class Sizes are Big! 

KEA has received numerous calls regarding class sizes, overloads, and class caps. At this time, it appears that KSD was pretty close to predicting student enrollment projections, with a few exceptions. Trends are currently showing that elementary and high school enrollment is down, while middle schools are seeing a larger enrollment than what was projected. The district has until September 15 to address classes that are in overload. Below you will find what the overload and caps are for each grade level.

Grades K-3: Class size 23. Overload: 24-25. Cap: 26
Grades 4-6: Class size 27. Overload: 28. Cap: 29
Grades 7-8: Class size: 30.   Overload: 31 a class and/or 144-150. Cap: 150 (no class caps)
Grades 9-12: Class size: 32.   Overload: 33 a class and/or 154-160. Cap: 150 (no class caps)

We have various agreements for our music, PE, and teacher-librarians. Contact KEA if you have a concern.

*It is important to remember that any student who is in your classroom for five or more hours a week; including IE or ELL students, count on your class roster as a full-time student. Please call KEA, (253) 852-1350 or email Christie Padilla with questions or concerns. 
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Contract Corner

Many of our members have questions regarding our contract. As a result, we are now including a section called 
"Contract Corner", dedicated to answering them. 
The first edition is written below:

Dear Contract Corner,
I'm teaching sixth grade with thirty six students!!! I thought the limit for my grade level was 29! What should my next steps be?

Concerned and Overcrowded
Dear Concerned and Overcrowded,

This is a difficult time in the Kent School District due to budget issues, and many classrooms are starting above the number listed for their grade level in the contract. For sixth grade, in Article VII, Section 7.2.A.3 the contract states, "Grades 4-6 - 27 students per class (class size in grades 4-6 shall not exceed 29)"

The contract also states in Section 7.2.A.6: "When overload exists on the class size adjustment of dates of September 15th and or the seventh (7th) day of second semester; or for more than five (5) consecutive days beginning after a class size adjustment date, the teacher will be eligible for overload relief. . ."

For example, if you are teaching sixth grade and have more than 27 students, you are considered to be in overload and will receive overload pay.  You will need to check with your office manager to get the proper paperwork for this. The overload pay is paid quarterly and is noted as "OVLD".

Once the September 15th class adjustment date occurs, a new classroom must be formed, or another solution must be created to solve the class size overload. It only takes one classroom on the sixth grade team to go over the 29 student limit to be eligible for a new classroom to be created.

Music and PE classes have different language for overload. In the contract, Article VII, Section 7.2.A.4, it states: "At the elementary level, the overload levels for PE and music classes will be 28 students in K-3 and 31 students in grades 4-6. In elementary classes consisting of more than one grade level, actual enrollment shall not be more than the student-PE and music teacher ratio per class for the lower grade level."

Contract Corner
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