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Involuntary Transfer Window is Open

As most of you are aware, there appears to be an extraordinary number of people who have been told that they are being involuntarily transferred this year.  This is due to the number of positions being eliminated, as well as KSD making the decision to staff classrooms to maximum caseloads.  Unfortunately, this is causing a lot of anxiety on top of an already stressful time of year.

Understandably, the concern is causing low morale in our buildings.  The search for loopholes to try and avoid an adverse action is understandable.  However, now more than ever, is the time to stand together and be empathetic to each other.  While several of our colleagues have been told that they will be involuntarily moved to other buildings; some of our provisional colleagues will be told that they are not coming back.  This, after being promised a position if they enrolled in a teaching program.  And finally, some of the KEA positions will be eliminated entirely.  Many of our colleagues are worried about what this means for their financial security.  As a result, many of our members have been forced into survival mode.

As many of you may be aware, KEA leadership does not take this situation lightly.  We have been in communication with KSD daily about this rotten situation.  Some of it is due to the district's financial situation, (although it has vastly improved) and some of it is due to the legislature's failure to address the levy funding.  KEA has been addressing and conversing with KSD Human Resources, as well as, with our government elected officials.  This situation is not sustainable for anyone.  Thank you for supporting each other, our students, and our families while we work through this time.
KEA Teachers Rock! Tacoma Rainiers

Join your KEA Family for a night at the park! KEA will be hosting two nights at the Park. Join us May 4 and July 14 as we enjoy a night of food, fun and baseball at Cheney Stadium! Tickets include meals and start at $14 each.

KEA Award of Excellence

Each year, KEA members have the opportunity to recognize an outstanding KEA member for their service to the organization.  If you know of a member that goes above and beyond the call of duty to advocate for our profession and students, please take the time to read and complete the Nomination Form.
The  Nomination Form  is due Friday, May 10.
KEA Teachers Rock! Seattle Storm Games

We are offering three games at discounted prices this year! 

Tickets are $15 and $25. 

  • June 28th (Teacher Appreciation Night) -
    Seattle Storm versus Chicago Sky at 7pm
  • July 19th (Inspiring Women Night) -
    Seattle Storm versus Las Vegas Aces at 7pm
  • August 18th (Breast Health Awareness Night) -
    Seattle Storm versus Minnesota Lynx at 4pm.
Student Removal Support

It is always our hope that your classrooms are a safe place for students to learn and for teachers to teach. Unfortunately, there are times when disruptions occur, and students may need to be removed from classrooms. As the classroom teacher, you have the right to have disruptive students removed from your classroom. The first thing to do is to call your administrator, or designee, who is trained in Right Response to come and assist in the removal of the student to limit the learning disruption and/or classroom evacuation time. If there is no one available, or if the administrator doesn't "feel comfortable" removing the student, you should call school security to assist in the matter. We recommend that teachers post the number of school security near their phone in the event that they need to call. It is our hope that you will never need to use it.

Kent School District's Safety Services (School Security):  ext. 7256
Upcoming Events

April  25-27
WEA Rep Assembly 

May 4
KEA Teachers Rock: Tacoma Rainier Game Night

May 7
PGP Support Part 3

May 8
Rep Council Meeting 
Be sure to check the KEA calendar for upcoming events
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