What's Up Wednesday?

When is the Last Day of School...

Good question.  Here is the latest: the School Board voted to approve the application for a three-day waiver from OSPI.  If the waiver is approved in its entirety, the last day of school will be June 25th.  This will be a half-day for students, but a full day for staff.  Typically, the school districts that have applied for waivers were approved within a couple of weeks.  So hopefully, we will hear something from OSPI very soon.  Once we have that information, we will discuss how teachers will make up the time for any waived days.
In addition, the school board voted to accept the 2019- 2020 calendar that included a February break next year.  KSD should be sending out an employee, as well as, student calendar very shortly.   
Guest Teachers - Part of Our Union...

KEA represents all certificated (non-supervisory) employees in the Kent School District. This includes all guest teachers.  All KSD employees have a shared interest in obtaining a substitute when a person is out on leave.  There are many negative impacts to a school system when a position is left unfilled.   
In that spirit, KEA is committed to updating our list of guest teachers who are union members and making that list available for all of you who may want to request a specific guest teacher. We will do our best to also include any retired Kent teachers who are available.
The job of a guest teacher is not easy.  There are 41 school sites where a guest teacher must be ready to fill in when needed.  No two schools are run in the same manner, so a guest teacher needs to make a lot of adjustments and many "in the moment" decisions that might be different from the staff who work in the same building each day.  Consequently, there has been a sharp increase in the number of negative feedback forms submitted to the district.  Teachers have the choice to either request that the teacher not return to their room, or the whole school.  When a teacher chooses the entire school, it makes it more difficult to fill classroom absences, especially when there are multiple requests to not have guest teachers return.  We have a couple of elementary schools where it has been very difficult to fill positions because multiple guest teachers have been asked not to return, or guest teachers are choosing not to go there in fear of negative feedback.
Of course, we want quality employees in front of our students every day.  These are some things to keep in mind when providing feedback on a guest teacher.    If possible, share your feedback directly with the guest teacher in a constructive way.  This way, the whole building might not lose out on a guest teacher.
We are stronger together and we appreciate all our union members!
Plans of Support - Know Your Rights...

KEA leadership is keeping track of teachers who have been placed on Plans of Support as part of the TPEP evaluation process.  A procedural component of the plans is for the administrator to notify KEA.  Unfortunately, we are now finding several instances where teachers have had no KEA representation throughout the process.  All members have the right to union support and advocacy. If you are (or you know of someone who has been placed) on a Plan of Support and have not been given the opportunity to have union representation during a Support Plan meeting, please notify KEA immediately so that we can get this corrected.
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