What's Up Wednesday?

Trending Basic

The notification deadline for teachers trending Basic on the TPEP evaluation was due to KEA on January 11. Unfortunately, we had about 80 notifications. 

How does this compare to other districts? Vancouver is slightly smaller than Kent and had two notifications trending Basic. Tacoma, which has approximately three times the number of members as KEA, had zero notifications. 

Considering our comparisons to other districts, KEA believes this may be an evaluator training issue.   Regardless, KEA will be reaching out to members who have notifications. Please contact our office with any questions or concerns. 253 852-1350.
Teacher-Directed Early Release Days

The KEA Bargaining Team worked hard to get our members two days a month of personal planning time on early-release Wednesdays. It has come to our attention that some KEA members are offering professional development during individual planning time.   The courses are being described as "optional," but concerned classroom teachers are reporting that it does not feel optional.
KEA is requesting that all members be mindful of personal planning time. Many of our classroom teachers have been given extra tasks due to the challenges in our district. This takes a lot of time. If KEA members choose to offer professional development during personal planning time, please underscore that it is optional, and that principals are in no way involved in the preparation.
Reminder: Workshop Days

January Workshop Day
This is a floating day for teachers to work on their report cards. Teachers may work from home or school.

March Workshop Day
This is a teacher directed day and must be worked in the building.

These Workshop Days are required, but you may use sick leave if you are ill or have a medical need on these days.

Upcoming Events

January 23  
Rep Council Meeting
January 30 
Executive Board Meeting 

KEA Classifieds
Nothing listed this week. 

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