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Keep Your Clock Hours Up to Date!

Did you know?
The deadline for submitting clock hours and credits for salary advancement is November 1 each year. Submitting your clock hours and credits for seniority purposes is also just as important. You may do this through January 15.
With rumors of possible lay-offs, KEA is advising members to submit all clock hours and credits not previously given to the district. These serve as tie-breakers for employees who were hired at the same time; or have the same amount of experience in public education. Again, clock hours and credits can be submitted until January 15 for seniority purposes.
This message is not meant to put anyone in a panic. It's to serve only as a reminder. Rumors of lay-offs have been circulating statewide. KEA's response will be like the response of lay-off announcements in the past; we will fight hard to keep cuts from the classroom and students.
School Picture Opt Out

Several members have contacted KEA regarding the new school district websites.   You may request to opt-out of having your picture appear on your school website. Normally, the process is to contact the school webmaster. Unfortunately, the webmasters were not trained on the new websites before rolling the roll out. So for now, if you wish to have your picture removed from the website, please contact webadministrator@kent.k12.wa.us . The request takes 2-3 business days to process.
It's Cold Outside

Winter has arrived, and KEA is receiving emails and phone calls about the lack of heat in some buildings. Below is the language in the CBA that outlines a protocol to get heating issues resolve "as quickly as possible".

Your heat is scheduled to be on 1 hour prior to time that employees are schedule to arrive and remain on for at least an hour after employees are scheduled to leave. Heat is also to be provided during evening workshops, PLC's, conference and any other activities that extend beyond the normal workday.

If for any reason your heat isn't working or not on, as outlined above, you should follow these procedures:

#1   Email your custodian and cc your principal about your heat concern. Ultimately this should resolve the issue but if it doesn't...
#2   Email your custodian and cc your principal AGAIN but this time also include KEA about your heat concern. This should absolutely fix the issue or at minimum explain the reason why it is taking so long to resolve the issue.
#3   If the first two emails haven't resolved the issue, please email KEA directly but please allow time for the heating issue to be resolved before going to #3. At this point a further action can be taken by KEA given our contract language.
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