What's Up Wednesday?

Threats of Layoffs.....AGAIN! 

The KEA office has received several calls with concerns regarding communication on the KSD website. The announcement states that the KSD Board and KSD bargaining team recognize that the recent increase in salaries may result in reductions in force for KEA members as early as the 2019-2020 school year, with the process beginning in the spring of 2019. We are confused by this declaration, especially when KSD's own projections show them with millions in the ending fund balance at the end of the 2020 school year. Our community will never support this action taken by KSD.

The communication further references that KSD appreciates the honest conversations about working collaboratively through the Reduction In Force process should the need arise. KEA and KSD signed a Letter of Agreement to form a committee to address the language in the contract regarding the RIF process. Under no terms did KEA agree to help in the process, assist in the process, or approve of any process for laying off KEA members. KEA will respond to any announcement of a Reduction In Force in the same manner that we have in the past: Not. Going. To. Happen! Not without the fight of a lifetime.

This announcement certainly won't attract and retain talented staff members. Hopefully, the KSD admin and Board will live up to their promise of keeping cuts away from kids. In the meantime, we have the support of the community to ensure the success of our classrooms.
KEA Officer Position Open

The KEA Secretary/Treasurer position is currently vacant. If you are interested in becoming a KEA officer, please let your building rep know. 

The main responsibility of the secretary is to take minutes at Rep Council and Exec Board meetings. This position also works closely with our staff to ensure that we are fiscally responsible and solvent. Which we (KEA) are. Just sayin'.

Please see your building rep if interested. Nominations will open on Sept. 19.

Update on School Board Resignations....

At the August 29 KEA General Membership Meeting, a motion came from the floor for a resolution demanding the immediate resignations of School Board Directors, Karen DeBruler and Debbie Straus. No debate followed the motion. The motion passed unanimously. Both Board Directors responded to KEA's demand at last night's board meeting. They have stated that they have no intention of resigning. At this point, it will be up to the voters in our community. The downside is that KSD has probably not hit rock bottom as the trajectory continues. The upside is that community conversations have begun. I anticipate that school board members will not run unopposed for years to come. Elections matter.
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