What's Up Wednesday?

Please Don't Cover Your Windows!

It has been reported to KEA that Safety Services directed buildings to lock classroom doors and cover all windows.  From a KEA standpoint, this is not safe because if an accusation is ever made, the first question a teacher will be asked is "Why did you have your doors locked, and windows covered?  Were you trying to hide something?"  KEA reported this directive to HR where some clarifications were given.  It was reported that Safety Services recommended this practice, but it is not a directive.  From a safety standpoint for employees, KEA strongly discourages any member from locking their doors and covering their windows.  The risk to a members' license is too great. This, of course, does not apply to lock-downs, or other emergency situations. 
Letters of Direction 

We have had several members contact our office regarding Fact-Finding meetings and Letters of Direction.  A Letter of Direction, while non-disciplinary, is the beginning of progressive discipline.  KEA would always prefer a Summary Letter after a Fact-Finding meeting - especially if the allegations are false, or unsubstantiated.  Both letters remain in your building file and may be removed after one year.  Your principal may choose to leave it in your file for up to three years.  Please review your building file regularly.  There have been some concerning materials found in building files that members have recently removed.  If you need assistance on this issue, please contact the KEA Office.  (253) 852-1350. 
New Websites and Your Picture

The Kent School District is rolling out a new website that will change the look at each school site. As part of this process, teachers are being asked permission to use school pictures on the site. This is a request and not a requirement.   You have the right to OPT OUT and decline the use of your image on your school's website.  You do not need to disclose a reason, just simply state that you would prefer to opt out in having your picture on the school website.
California Casualty Athletic Grant

California Casualty has partnered with education associations for more than 65 years. We understand the growing financial strain on our public schools, and we want to help our friends in the education community.
The California Casualty Thomas R. Brown Athletics Grant was established to provide support to public middle and high school sports programs negatively impacted by reduced budgets.

Click here for more info and to apply! 
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Winter Break- Enjoy :)
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December 19-January 1
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