What's Up Wednesday?

Thank you... and a little more information.

The Bargaining Team and Bargaining Support Team want to thank all of you who attended any of the events and/or meetings from the middle of June until the day before school started. It was because of your engagement that we were able to reach a tentative agreement and start school on time!

For those who were unable to attend the meeting last Wednesday, here are a few highlights of the salary changes and a link to the formal document that contains the Collective Bargaining Agreement language changes to match the new salary schedules.
The base salary significantly increased by rolling all previous TRI pay into the base and applying a 3.1% increase to that total compensation. Therefore, it was agreed to roll the 7 required days into the base salary. 
  1. If you are an ESA, you will now be placed on the salary schedule according to your experience like everyone else rather than receiving a separate stipend.
  2. Commitment stipend will still be paid in November.
  3. Longevity will still be annualized.
  4. Principal Effective Ed days will still be paid after the form is filled out. The daily rate for the PEE days is the base salary divided by 187 days.
  5. Work that requires a timesheet will be at the per diem rate listed in the document.
No changes were made to caseload/class size/workload or to the Reduction in Force (RIF) process.
Everyone will make a minimum of 10% more this year than last year. If you moved on the salary schedule, then it will be more than 10%. The following year, everyone will make 4.5% more than in 18-19. The total compensation in 2019-2020 will be 14.95% greater than the 2017-2018 total compensation even if you do not move on the salary schedule.
Your Bargaining Team this year was Christie Padilla (President), Tim Martin (Vice President), Zack Stockdale (Executive Board), Glenn Dacus, Billie Ryan-Howard, Jana Wakasugi, Cindy Prescott, Adam Speer, Michael Lewis, and Alan Sutliff (UniServ Rep).
Your Bargaining Support Team this year was Theresa Turner (WEA Board member), Layla Jones (Executive Board), Reby Parsley (Executive Board), Natalie Bachman (Executive Board), Gabby Blakemore, Kris Hill, Nicole Harris, Camille Yuasa, Chase Parsley, Becca Ritchie, Carma Rodriguez, Louise Sargent (retired), and many others who were able to contribute when available.
Here's an opportunity!....

The KEA Secretary-Treasurer position is open. If you are interested in becoming a KEA officer, please let your building rep know. The main responsibility of the Secretary-Treasurer is to take minutes at Rep Council and Exec Board meetings, sign checks, and to help develop the budget. Of course, there may be a few duties as assigned by yours truly. Please see your building rep if interested. Nominations will open on Sept. 19.
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