What's Up Wednesday?

You Should Be Voting Soon

Building Reps have been given ballots for the calendar and NEARA. Please take the opportunity to vote.  The two choices for the 2019-2020 calendar look very different for next year.  The district took much of the input offered by KEA members and gave two real choices.  While we know not everyone will be happy with the selections, it is always beneficial for members to vote when given the opportunity.
KEA Officer Elections to Open Feb 6

Have you ever thought about running for a KEA officer position? If so, now is your chance. KEA officers may run for up to 3 two-year terms. Nominations will be opened at the February 6 Rep Council Meeting. Please let your building rep know if you would like to be nominated. Below is the timeline for the election:
  • Nominations will open on February 6, 2019 at 4:00.
  • Candidate Statements are due to KEA on March 1 at 4:00.
  • Ballots will go out on March 6 at the Rep Council Meeting.
  • Elections will be held March 6 - April 3.
  • Ballots will be due to the KEA office on April 3, by 5:00.
  • The successful candidates will be announced before May 1.
District Investigations

You may have heard about, or be part of, some recent investigations happening in our district. In the age of social media, these investigations often play out in public. You will see a lot of misinformation, and spins on stories that are simply untrue. It can be very difficult to listen and watch; especially when you know the true facts.
KEA's advice - let the investigation take place in private. That is why independent investigations occur - to bring out the facts without outside influence. Sometimes, our most well-meaning members make public statements about the people involved in the investigation, and then they also become part of the investigation. KEA will always represent their members, but public statements become difficult to defend. In no way am I suggesting censorship, I'm just asking that members remain mindful of the possible consequences.
Have a great rest of the week!
Upcoming Events
January 24
PGP Training

January 30 
Executive Board Meeting 

Feb 5
Culturally Responsive Classroom Strategies

Feb 6
Rep Council Meeting- Calendar and NEA RA Ballots due

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