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Recently, KEA leadership has been made aware that roughly 105 KEA members were underpaid on their September paychecks. The district will be contacting these members in the next day or two. According to the CBA, members have the choice to have a check made out to them within 5 days of notification, or have the amount added to their October paycheck. If you receive an email, please respond with the option that you prefer. 
KEA Teachers Rock!
Seattle Thunderbirds Pub Night

Friday, November 9 @ 7:35 pm

Join your KEA family for Pub Night! Watch the Thunderbirds take on Kelowna Rockets while enjoying a FREE beer and wearing a FREE hat! Thats right, your ticket comes with a FREE beer and FREE hat voucher! 

These games are always fun and full of energy. If you've never gone before, this will be a great time as tickets are only $22.00 each! 

Threats & Assaults

KEA has been receiving many phone calls and emails about violent episodes happening in our classrooms. KEA has spent many hours bargaining safe working conditions for members to teach. Teachers have the right to remove students who are disruptive and/or pose a threat to other students or staff from the classroom. Christie Padilla has been visiting schools and has witnessed a few of these assaults. We are aggressively pursuing options for teachers where this is happening regularly. Should you experience a violent episode, you may choose to remove the student until the danger or threat ceases and/or the teacher and administrator have conferred about the issue.

If at any point you are ever threatened or assaulted, you need to report this to your school's administration. Once you have reported it, the administration is obligated to follow the agreed Assault Response Protocol ( CBA pg. 176). Once it is filled out, the administrator sends a copy of the form is sent to KSD who in turn forwards it to KEA. 

We have only received a handful of Assault Response Protocol forms so far this year despite the number of phone calls and emails our members have reported to us. We have questioned why KSD isn't forwarding them to us or why principals aren't following the contract and using the Assault Response Protocol. This question has been asked and we are hoping it will be corrected going forward.

You have rights and deserve to be able to do your job in an environment that is safe and free of threats and assaults. 
KEA Teachers Rock! Wine & Paint Night

Join your KEA Family for
Wine & Paint Night! 

Friday, November 16 @ 5 pm

We provide everything you need to paint and take home your masterpiece. We will also provide wine, wine coolers, beer, appetizers and non-alcoholic beverages. This always makes for a fun time and is a great way to meet other teachers in the district! 

Cost is only $25 per member, bring a guest for $35

Election Results

Congratulations to Zack Stockdale who will serve as the new KEA Secretary/Treasurer. We had three outstanding leaders run for the position, and we want to thank the candidates for running. 

The results are as follows:
  • Zack Stockdale - 411/724 votes or 56%
  • Daniel Woods - 96/724 votes or 13%
  • Becca Ritchie - 217/724 votes or 31%

Upcoming Events
October 30
Teacher Certification 101

October 31
Executive Board Meeting

November 1
Social Justice Meeting

KEA Classifieds
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If you are interested in posting a listing here for FREE, please contact Regina Redmond. 

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