What's Up Wednesday?

Baby Its (Getting) Cold Outside! 

With winter right around the corner, we are beginning to receive emails and phone calls about the lack of heat in some buildings.  This is an ongoing issue every year. Our contract has language that outlines a protocol to get heating issues resolved "as quickly as possible". 

Your heat is scheduled to be on one hour prior to the time that employees are schedule to arrive and remain on for at least one hour after employees are scheduled to leave. Heat is also to be provided during evening workshops, PLC's, conferences and any other activities that extend beyond the normal workday. If for any reason your heat isn't working or not on as outlined above, you should follow these procedures:

#1   Email your custodian and cc your principal about your heat concern. Ultimately this should resolve the issue but if it doesn't...

#2   Email your custodian and cc your principal AGAIN but this time also include KEA ( kentea@washingtonea.org) about your heat concern. This should absolutely fix the issue or at minimum explain the reason why it's taking so long to be resolved.

#3   If the first two emails haven't resolved the issue, please email KEA directly ( kentea@washingtonea.org). We will contact the appropriate people at the district.  
KEA Teachers Rock! Wine & Paint Night

Join your KEA Family for
Wine & Paint Night! 

Friday, November 16 @ 5 pm

We provide everything you need to paint and take home your masterpiece. We will also provide wine, wine coolers, beer, appetizers and non-alcoholic beverages. This always makes for a fun time and is a great way to meet other teachers in the district! 

Cost is only $25 per member, bring a guest for $35.

Deadline to get signed up is November 9. 

Assaults on Staff

We are receiving more concerns about staff being injured by students.  Teachers are now sending us pictures of their injuries, which are quite disturbing. Unfortunately, principals have been given mixed messages regarding whether they need to follow the assault protocol that was mutually agreed upon in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  

Apparently, some principals have been told that if a teacher is OK to teach, then the assault does not be reported.  In addition, if the teacher does not use the term "assault" when reporting an incident, then, the principal does not need to report it.   So, if you have been hit, injured, or threatened by a student, please tell your principal that you have been threatened or assaulted.  Principals at that time will use the assault protocol.  This way, the incident is documented, and the student has a better chance of getting the support that they need.
KEA Teachers Rock!
Seattle Thunderbirds Pub Night

Friday, November 9 @ 7:35 pm

Join your KEA family for Pub Night! Watch the Thunderbirds take on Kelowna Rockets while enjoying a FREE beer and wearing a FREE hat! That's right, your ticket comes with a FREE beer and FREE hat voucher! 

These games are always fun and energetic! If you've never gone before, this will be a great time as tickets are only $22.00 each and did I mention, each ticket comes with a FREE hat and FREE beer voucher? 

Deadline to register is Friday, November 2. 

Let's Talk Turkey about Your Retirement

Please join NEA Member Benefits and your NEA Retirement Program Specialist: 
Monday, November 19th at 4:30 p.m.
Topics for discussion include:
  • Understanding your Plan 2/3 pension
  • Is your Plan 3 Pension allocated correctly for your risk and age?
  • Are you saving enough for your retirement?
This is free for KEA members. Light Refreshments will be provided. Click here to RSVP. 
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KEA Teachers Rock! Thunderbirds Game

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