September 2019
There's always lots going on at DCDC! Here are the highlights!
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Around DCDC
September is Off to a Busy Start!

Our Preschoolers on Bloom Rd began their school year with an Open House where not only did they get to meet their teachers, but also the class pets!
Read all about the program and the Open House here!
We still have a few openings for Tuesday's and Thursday's if you want your child to have a great preschool experience!

Bloom Road also finally has a finished gym! New flooring and wall padding has been installed over the spring and summer. The project has been in the works since the building was renovated and open in 2012.
Grandparents Week at DCDC

This week was a busy one at DCDC with all four preschool classrooms hosting their grandparents for a snack and an activity.
We are thankful for all of our grandparents and special folks that were able to share the days with us. You can read more about it here!
Early Intervention Hosts Annual Picnic

DCDC's Early Intervention team hosted a picnic for program families. This was the third year for the picnic, held at DCDC, on it's Toddler Playground. The picnic gives families and children the opportunity to socialize and play in a small group setting. The children's therapists and teachers are on hand to guide and support their interactions and learning.

For more information on Early Intervention, check out our website.

Our weekly Playgroup at Bloom Road is back and IT'S FREE!

Come check it out!

Also returning soon is My Toddler & Me! Stay tuned for details...or Like Us on Facebook to get all the current news and events!
Nominated for Early Educator of the Year

Congratulations to DCDC's Gina Horne on her nomination for the PA Child Care Association's Early Educator of the Year Award.
This award is presented to a child care teacher or staff person who works directly with children and who is an excellent example for other caregivers to follow. Both center-based and home-based educators are eligible.
Nominees create and model a cooperative, caring environment;
plan and implement a curriculum to enhance, support and assess development and learning; and establishes relationships with each family to support the success of all children.
Gina has been with DCDC since 2002, where she started out at our School Age program. Gina has worked with Toddlers and most recently is back with Preschool as the Grizzly Bear teacher and Preschool Program Co-Supervisor.
The winner of the award will be announced at the Early Childhood Summit in October in State College.
Fundraisers Happening Now

DCDC has a great fundraiser going on through September!
Deck your porch out for Fall with Whitenight's mums!!
More info and order forms can be found on our website or by asking one of our families or staff!
Teachers Are the Key to Quality Education

"AS WE PAUSE THIS LABOR Day to celebrate the nation's workers, we should also think about those whose profession helps prepare the citizens and workforce of tomorrow: early childhood teachers who work with children every day.

A child's first five years are the most critical for neurological development, with their brains forming more than one million neural connections per second. This is the time when the foundation is built for future success – brain wiring for social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Genetics and experiences both play a role in a child's early development. And that is why access to early childhood education programs and to quality early educators matters so much." Continue reading here...
Why Quality Early Learning Matters
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