What's UP With GirlsUP?
GirlsUP Teen Board Powers On

Our GirlsUP Teen Board has been Zooming through the Fall, continuing to connect, plan virtual events, explore issues that impact girls and meet with guest speakers.

Gold Medal Teen Board Speaker
This Fall, our GirlsUP Board Member, Dr. Caroline Silby, a nationally renowned psychologist to our US Olympic Team, connected with our Teen Board to help them deliver their best performance on and off the field.
RBG Watch Party
This Fall, GirlsUP hosted an interactive, virtual movie night featuring On the Basis of Sex, an inspiring bio-pic based on Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s life and legal career and a fun trivia game at intermission with RBG-themed prizes! 
GirlsUP Chalk Talk

On December 7, our GirlsUP Girls, Alumni and our growing network of GirlsUP Girlfriends, will grab their chalk and take to the streets (or their sidewalks and driveways) to create colorful messages designed to educate, advocate and inspire young women.
GirlsUP UN Teen Advisor, Peri Perkins
GirlsUP Teen Board member, Peri Perkins, was selected as one of 25 girls from around the world to be a United Nations' Teen Board Advisor. Each month, Peri meets with her fellow UN Teen Advisors to help raise awareness about issues facing their sisters in some of the world's hardest to reach places. Peri has been inspired by UN guest speakers like Michelle Obama and Meghan Markle, but perhaps most stirred to action by her fellow UN Teen Advisors: "It is moving to hear how brave and vulnerable these girls are. They inspire me to share my story too." Peri was recently asked to be a moderator for a United Nations' Stem Conference. Go Peri!
Girl Tok!
Our GirlsUP Girls created their take on the ubiquitous Tik Tok craze by producing their own 'Girl Tok' videos and exploring how what we watch and post reveals and impacts our ideas about who we are. 
GirlsUP Grads Return to Work with our Teen Board
Annie Kiyonaga and Meghan Murray were dedicated GirlsUP Girl throughout their middle and high school years. Now they are back working with our GirlsUP Teen Board. We caught up with them and posed some of our favorite GirlsUP questions.
What do you understand now about the mission of GirlsUP, that you didn’t when you were in middle school/high school?
Annie: I think in middle school and high school, I was applying GirlsUP lessons more to social situations, like how to navigate friends and friend groups and make my own decisions about what was right. Now, as I'm making choices about the kind of life I want to lead, I find myself defaulting again and again to the lessons of self-examination, self-confidence and self-expression that I learned from GirlsUP.
Meghan: I think GirlsUP has had a powerful influence on my life, especially as I grow up and feel increasing pressure to figure out who I am and what I believe in. GirlsUP has helped me stay true to who I am, which I think is a challenging thing when going through big life transitions: graduating college, starting a new job, and making new friends.
What is one thing you’re unusually good at doing?
Annie: Reading fast
Meghan: One thing I am great at is making friends wherever I go

What phrase do you most overuse?
Annie: “That’s fair" or “Checks out"
Meghan: I find myself saying, “It is what it is,” a lot recently.

What’s your walk up song?
Annie: “NASA” by Ariana Grande or “Pretty Ugly” by Tierra Whack
Meghan: "Me Too" by Meghan Trainor

What’s the title of your autobiography?
Annie: "Annie: Not the Musical"
Meghan: "That’s so Meg"
GirlsUP is grateful for all of your support this year.
Here's to a healthy and happy Thanksgiving!

November 30 - Board of Director's Meeting
December 7 @ 4:30pm - GirlsUP Chalk Talk