March 2018
Volume 9 | Issue 3
In This Issue:
38% of career mentors say having opportunities to improve their
leadership skills is the greatest benefit of being a mentor.
Source: Robert Half Management Resources survey of 2,200 CFOs in USA Today
What's YOUR Greatest Benefit in Being a Mentor? 

Often, when we ask mentors at the start of the mentoring relationship, what they want to get out of being a mentor, they have difficulty answering. They know they will be enriched by the experience, but can't quite articulate how. Yet, when we ask the same question once the relationship has begun, mentors tell us that they feel they are gaining as much as , or more then, the mentee. Here are some the things that mentors tell us they gain:
Mentor Benefits:
  • Satisfaction from seeing others develop
  • Opportunity to share experience and wisdom
  • Reaffirmation of your approach
  • Expanded generational and cultural perspectives
  • Continuing to experience new ideas and insights
  • Strengthening mentoring, leadership and interpersonal skills
  • A meaningful relationship
We'd love to hear YOUR top 3 benefits as a mentor. Please reply to this message noting your top 3... especially if you've thought of different benefits than those we've listed!
On Developing a Growth Culture...Over a Performance Culture

We came across this article from the Harvard Business Review: Create a Growth Culture, Not a Performance-Obsessed One , and had to share it with you. It introduces an alternative to the incessant grind of a performance-based culture, which doesn't always prove to be sustainable or healthy.  

An emphasis on growth instead of performance proves to be better for the long game - for creating better business results and for engaging and retaining top talent.

"Fueling a growth culture requires a balance between challenging and nurturing.," says Lisa Fain, Center for Mentoring Excellence's CEO.  "This is truly what a good mentor provides, proving again that mentoring can help unlock better results thru a more inclusive environment."

This article underscores our belief that  an environment of learning and growth helps business achieve better results. Enjoy!
Your Mentoring Year Tip #12:
Celebrating Success!

How long has it been since you've taken a look at the progress you've made? As a mentor? As a mentee? In your business? In your personal growth?

We encourage you to take time each quarter with your mentoring partner to celebrate your achievements. What are the demonstrable improvements in outlook, behavior, performance and work satisfaction since your mentoring relationship began? 

Get specific and outcome-focused. We can't fully appreciate where we are until we've celebrated how far we have come.
Our Vista Coaching division is hosting the 2nd annual Live by Design Women's Retreat , designed especially for professional women looking for calm, clarity, and a sense of control while creating a community to help keep you accountable on your goals.

We will gather at the Red Mountain Resort in St. George Utah for 4 days/3 nights in September 2018, for the perfect combination of learning, relaxation and fun. Participants will walk away with a clear vision of the lives they want to create, tools, resources and an action plan to get there.

We will have plenty of down time to enjoy the amazing hiking, spa or relaxation by the pool. Stay tuned for more details and to register. Space is limited. If you want more information in the meantime, contact our CEO and retreat leader, Lisa Fain.
What Questions Do the BEST Mentors Ask?

There are 8 fantastic questions that THE BEST mentors ask...and they come in the form of a cheat sheet, as published last week by Fast Company.

Our CEO Lisa Fain was interviewed for this piece. Here's a short excerpt, and one of Lisa's favorite questions to ask a mentee: 


Fain likes this question because it focuses the protégé on a long-term outcome while focusing in on areas that may require growth or change. Since the business world changes at such a fast pace today, focusing on a shorter window-perhaps three years-still allows enough time for creative, aspirational thinking without the distraction of how different the workplace might be at that time. The answers may reveal how the protégé wants to grow, or fundamental changes they need to make in order to achieve their goals, she says.
Click through and see which questions you're already asking, and which you'd consider incorporating.
Mentoring: On Finding the Time

Excited by the benefits of mentoring, but having a tough time with an already full schedule?

Understandable. AND, this article from All About Mentoring, a publication out of SUNY Empire State College, shares insights from Founder of Center for Mentoring Excellence, Lois Zachary, about exactly this challenge.

One element to note is the possibility you may be making assumptions about the role of being a mentor.

"I remember a study we did with one organization and one of the mentors said: 'My deepest learning is that I didn't have to have all the answers. The hardest thing for me was to hold back. I knew the right answer, I knew how to fix it, and it was really frustrating for me, but when I went through this training (to be a mentor) I realized that my purpose was to ask the questions. When I went back to my organization, I started to ask more questions that made me listen more and which developed more ownership in my team.'"

- Lois Zachary, Founder of Center for Mentoring Excellence

Are you assuming you need to have all of the answers? This article may give needed clarity and insight to help you make your next best step.
Our Mission
We are committed to promoting individual and organizational mentoring excellence. We do this by providing: mentoring training, coaching, consultation, and program evaluation. We've helped leading organizations around the globe create mentoring cultures, and we're here for you.

A Note to Our Readers
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