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15 January, 2019


Greetings from BBI!

Today's competitive broadcasting environment means that we all must be better, we all must work smarter. Bryson Broadcasting International (BBI) is committed to helping broadcast organizations worldwide to raise their level of expertise in sales and management.

Our newsletters give you information about sales and marketing that you may use to increase your revenue. We hope that you may find them to be of great benefit to your sales success. Happy selling!
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What's your "Why"?
The Client's Corner
Words To Live By...
We Want To Help Your Staff Increase Revenue.
What's Your "Why"?    
2019 is off and running. By now you will have your new revenue goals for the year. Based on those revenue goals, you can calculate how much you will earn this year. We addressed the formula for figuring out your earnings in our October 15th newsletter. To remind you, your revenue  goals, divided by your commission rate, will give you your potential earnings.   
Today I don't want to talk about how much you want to earn, I want to talk about WHY you want to earn it. What will you do with the money?  You see, it's really not about the money: It's about what you will DO WITH THE MONEY. What's on your vision board for this new year?
Do you want a new house?
Do you want a vacation?
Do you want a new car? 
Do you need to send your children to a special school or pay for their college?
Have you resolved to retire all your debt?
Is there a charity you wish to contribute to?
In other words, "What's your 'Why'"? This "Why" is the Level Three reason for why you go to work everyday and strive to hit goals. It is what motivates you. It is what helps you to bounce back after a bad day.  
In our customer needs analysis, we work through the pain circle with our clients to the deepest level, Level Three. We know that our clients will buy, not because of the Level One problem (the first thing they tell you about a problem), not because of the Level Two problem (How that problem has affected their business) but because of Level Three (How that business problem has affected them personally).  
We operate the same way. Our true motivation comes from the personal ramifications of earning, or not earning, what we want (need) to earn. Once you figure out your "Why" your Identity (I) will drive your Role (R) to succeed.
And, "I" and "R" sound like good topics for our next newsletter. In the meantime, happy selling!  

 The Client's Corner 

Westwood One and Veritonic tested a major insurance company's creative campaign and found that by mentioning the name of a brand within the first few seconds of an ad and then again more frequently than is the norm, the "emotional impact" of the commercial was increased. The results of doing so showed that this insurance company boosted their ad performance purchase intent by 160%.  
By mentioning the brand name sooner and more often, these enhanced ads performed better across the board than previous ads. On average, the increased performance was +9% greater than previous ads.  
Our creative matters! It is the third leg of a successful advertising campaign: Frequency, Consistency and a Relevant Message. 

 Words to Live By......

   "Success comes when we wake up every day in that never-ending pursuit of why we do what we do."
                                                           Simon Sinek                 

We want to help your staff increase revenue! We at Bryson Broadcasting International are available to help your sales staff achieve its next level of expertise.  We customize our programs to meet your needs.  As needed, we make use of interpreters and produce sales materials in your language. If you would like to discuss your sales training needs, we may be reached at, or call us at 918.747.8774. 
For more information about BBI, click here.
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A little about me.....
Pat a8704 ch
Pat Bryson has worked in the radio industry for over 30 years. During that time, she was one of the highest billing sales people in the radio industry in her market. She was promoted to General Sales Manager, managing and training both experienced and inexperienced sales people. Her career advanced to General Manager, where Pat  created a culture of over- achievement for her stations.
Through Bryson Broadcasting International, Pat now helps her clients to create that same culture of over- achievement in their stations.
Pat is one of Radio Ink's Most Influential Women in Radio for 2018. 
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