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September  2015


Welcome to The Busy Corner's Newsletter

Are You Ready To  ...  In 2015?
Recently a call came in and the client said,  "You came to my house over a year ago,
I wasn't ready then, but I am now."  My first question was "Why are you ready now?"
It is not uncommon for me to hear phrases like, "I'm not ready to ... tackle that room", "go through this", "get rid of that",  and in some instances I have to be the one to say, "you are not ready".  Thinking about this has inspired the 2015 series of The Busy Corner newsletters,  Are You Ready To.... 
We will work on projects together and encourage you to be ready to organize and work on the projects that will help and keep you organized in 2015.

Don't have enough time? Can't get everything done? ... What's Your Busy?
However busy you may be, let's break it down.  Where are you spending your time, your attention, and your energy?  What is  the best way to keep organization
in your life.  Let's find out in this issue of  "Are You Ready In 2015"

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Which Way Is Up?
Teeter red color on the playground closeup diagonal image. On the playground there is no one.

Crazy busy seems to be the "new" busy, but as pointed out to me recently, it is not necessarily a good thing.

Identify a framework for balance, motivation, and fulfillment to keep organization in your life.

Balance  - A  basic requirement of life in my opinion.  David Allen quotes 
"You can do anything, but not everything"  Ask yourself if you are trying to do everything .  Then ask, what is it you really want to do.  Within the balance, of course, there will be things you may need to do that you don't really want to, but by doing those things, it will bring a sense of accomplishment when it's done. 

Motivation - What will motivate you to bring balance to your life?  Would it give you more time to spend with family and friends?  Maybe you want to travel?  You may just want to read a book.  By creating balance and order to your daily routine, it can free up time for play.  By staying focused on a balanced life and what that looks like, you can enjoy "your busy" without all the "crazy busy" stress.

Fulfillment- You've heard The Rolling Stones sing "I Can't Get No Satisfaction".
Well, you can if you remember lyrics from another fabulous song from The Stones:
 "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes well you just might find
you get what you need".
Think about it, getting what you need can result in a great since of fulfillment and satisfaction.  Re-evaluate your wants & needs and create a new priority list.

It all ties together doesn't it?  Motivation is the key to an organized life.  An organized life brings you closer to a balanced life.  A balanced life gives that great feeling of fulfillment.  Maybe you can get what you want  after all!!

It's Easy Going Up & Down Never To Get Where You Need To Be
What's Your Busy?
Blank sticky notes on a wooden wall

How many sticky notes do you have hanging around?  Let's get them all together and create a master To Do list and start prioritizing!  
(I like the 8x10 spiral notebook.)
Once you have everything listed, break it down by day.

ACT ON THE IMPORTANT: Now that you have all your To Do's together, take another look at everything that needs to be done and  break it down day-by-day.   Be realistic with what you can really do each day. If you are still overwhelmed, consider asking for help, whether from friends or professionals.  

DON'T REACT TO THE URGENT: Take a deep breath and ask yourself, how urgent it really is.  Sometimes we are so busy spinning around trying to get it all done, we think everything is urgent, guess what, it's not!  Think about the real deadlines of what needs to be accomplished, then add it to the To Do list accordingly.  
Remind yourself that it doesn't matter how much others seem to accomplish, your busy is your only concern.

WAIT TO SAY YES & MAKE SURE THEY HEAR YOUR "NO": How many times have you walked away from a situation and wish you would have said no?  And how many times have you actually said no and they wouldn't hear it?  Saying you are busy just won't work any more, because they are busy too.  Now you're under pressure, you start to think you should be able to do this, but it really stresses you out, and before you know it, you said "yes" without thinking it through.  
This is the time to press pause and say,
"thank you for asking, let me get back to you".
Make sure you do get back with them by adding it to the To Do list!  Once you review your schedule and make the decision whether you can or can not participate, get back to them with an enthusiastic yes, or a solid no.

SPEND TIME WITH YOUR CALENDAR AND TO DO LIST:  At the end of the day is the best time to review how the day went.  Check off the things that did happen and create a new list for the following day.  Refer to your master list at this time.  In the morning, take a quick look at what your day looks like.  Now you are ready for the day without the "crazy busy" feeling of desperation!

Your Busy May Look Very Different Than Someone Else's
Ruby's Corner

Are you too busy for your pet?  Sometimes I think I am, but I pause to think, she has been busy all day waiting for me to come home.  The least I can do is take a minute to play ball with her.
She has so much fun chasing balls down the hall 
and she just loves to show off!
It's so worth it.


Take The Time

...To Play

...To Walk

...To Groom

...To Talk To




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