The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light…..    Isiah 8:23—9:3

Students of all ages have a long and colorful tradition of creating excuses for just about anything. The proverbial "dog ate my homework" excuse was probably the first student excuse ever heard. Currently, other popular and exceptional explanations for failing to do something or for being late in completing some project or for just plain avoiding doing something altogether are being used.


Here are some of those examples.  There was a young girl who was asked why she didn’t have her assigned essay. She looked at the teacher very innocently and said, "the bus driver read my essay. He liked it so much that he kept it so he could show it to all his passengers." 


How about the boy who was asked why his homework wasn't turned in on time? He said, "I got mugged on my way to school. I offered him my lunch, my money, and my watch but all he wanted was my science project!"


Finally, there was the little boy who was trying to explain to his mother why he and his brother had gotten into a fight. The little boy said, "it all started when Michael hit me back."


No matter what our age, we all have a remarkable array of tricks, strategies, and excuses for explaining our mistakes or walking away from our bad choices. There is an old saying that says when you aren't feeling holy, your loneliness will tell you that you have sinned!


It means that when we lie, we alienate ourselves not just from the truth but from God and from those whom we've lied to. Sooner or later, we must face ourselves. Our souls tell us we have done wrong. We have got to stop running and face the truth of our life. No more lame excuses. No more fabricated stories. We will never be free until we acknowledge the dishonesty and deceptions. Running away never heals our hurts.


This weekend our first reading from the prophet Isaiah, reminds us that our God has shone a light in our darkness and lifted what burdens us. Our souls are telling us now is the time to face the truth; to seek that light and let go of those burdens. Is there's anything in your life that you have run away from? Is there any truth that you have not yet set right? Is there anything you have failed to do? If this is so, now is the time to confront it, to look at it, and to see the need to make it right. We need to fix the lies, to heal the brokenness, to do the right thing. This is a great Sunday to stop running away and to begin finding some healing.  



Fr. Don




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