What's Your FLAVA? Working Webinar Series

Unlocking the Power of the FLAVA F.R.U.I.T.S.

The hardest thing in business is not actually achieving success. It is to repeat and maintain success! Becoming a master of motivation is a critical competency that transformational leaders leverage to effectively lead their teams. Leaders typically use the same old carrot to attempt to repeatedly motivate their team member. They use the oldest and most common carrot-money. 

Make no mistake. Money is a motivator, but it is not always the most effective carrot. Instead of carrots, we recommend that you use "FRUITS" to motivate in accordance with the FLAVAs. FRUITS is another acronym for Frequently Remembered Unattained Inspirational Thoughts of Success. 

In this webinar series, you will: 

1. Learn how to Leverage your FLAVA
2.  Unlock motivation power of the FLAVA F.R.U.I.T.S.
3. Get FLAVA-infused myEcon scripts for immediate use
4. Increase your recruiting results for your business
MyEcon Premier Webinar  Package - $100
(Retail Value of $400+)

This Package Includes:
  • Four weekly 60 minute interactive webinars              ($200 Value)
  • Invitations to 30-minute follow-up Q&A webinar immediately following each weekly session ($100 Value)
  • Digital recording of interactive and Q&A Webinar sent directly to you in a custom url ($100 Value)
  • A digital copy of "What's Your FLAVA? Personality & Communication System ($15 Value)
The Webinar Series Starts Thursday, March 15th at 8PM EST. Click Here to Purchase Now.

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