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October 2018 Build Progress Update #.0032

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It's official! Both of us are licensed CDL Class A drivers. We passed our final test this month, and it's another huge task that's checked off of our 'Must-Do' list. Thanks to our very generous friends Dave, Charlie, Clayton & Chris, who offered their time and equipment, we were able to do it on our own, without enrolling in a costly driving school. We couldn't have done it without them! ~Rod & Jill
"Rod continued work on the trailers new door, started mounting the new truck seats and replaced the truck's older brake controls. I prepped and painted misc. parts and assisted Rod. We also spent some time winterizing and set up our seasonal lumber mill. Keeping the shop and crew warm & happy during the cold months is a priority in these parts. With those things behind us, we can get back to work on the fun stuff very soon." ~Jill
The old worn front seats were incinerated
The interior panel recoloring project is moving forward
Teammate Jessica Mohler Kicked some butt at the  Victory Junction  Run to Victory 10K race. WINNER of Overall Female.
"‪In the spirit of Halloween...This cute vintage voodoo doll was added to my good luck charms a few years ago. Contrary to popular belief, most are used for good and are tools for healing and other positive purposes. All kinds of good stuff has been happening so it’s working it’s magic!" ~Jill

Happy Halloween!
FEATURED Official Supplier
FK Rod Ends
F.K.  Bearings came onto the scene quietly over 30 years ago. They did not make a huge splash, but quickly won the customers over with fair pricing, and plenty of inventory. While the industrial market struggled to get product from the old stand-bys, the racing market embraced a supplier that would maintain inventory throughout the limited season. Recently, to further assure timely delivery, F.K. Bearing set up two regional warehouses. Filled to the brim with inventory, these warehouses can offer localized service for emergency orders.
Over the years the F.K. Bearings product line has grown to encompass many different industries. From the wilds of Baja Mexico, to the "good old boys" of NASCAR....from mowers to care for your lawn, to fitness equipment to groom your body, you'll find F.K. Rod Ends! In your hands is our latest offering in an evolving program designed to supply rod end products to users everywhere! You will find rod ends and spherical bearings made from mild steel, chromemoly/alloy steel, aluminum, and stainless. Special care is taken during every step of the manufacturing process to insure you the highest quality products.
With almost 10,000 combinations of rod ends and spherical bearings available, you will appreciate the effort goes into filling each order. Within our state-of-the-art facility, we carefully craft our products, so we are able to say, "Yes, it's in stock" when you call.

Thanks to our valued product support sponsors, we will be Running Fast, Rolling Safe and Looking Good! Please Visit their Web Sites by clicking on their Logos.
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Rod Fazekas
Driver of the 1966 Nova
Jill Fazekas
Driver of the 1971 Mustang
Kenny Mohler  
Crew Chief
Jessica Mohler
Merchandise Manager & Crew
Denny Lautenbacher
Machinist/Car Chief
Ella Mohler  
Jr. Crew
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