Ferry Ecuador Update - July 2018
Happy Summer Everyone!!

´╗┐In the spirit of summer fun we wanted to shake things up a bit and in this update take the time to answer a question we are often asked, "What's your life like down there?" We hope you enjoy a little peek into our life and see God's faithfulness woven through it all.

Chris, Tina, Georgia and Reese
We go to church! Each week it's a little different and very often chickens, dogs and bugs join in the fun. Our little family of believers is one of the brightest moments in our week. We hold each other's babies, laugh at mistakes we make while singing and trying to communicate in 2nd languages; we race to be the first to find the Bible verse and learn together every step of the way. This is our community.
Weather dictates the rhythm and actives of our life. Living in the rainforest means lots of rain and unpredictable conditions. A trip to a nearby town may be derailed due to mudslides, a car accident or downed power lines. Flexibility is the name of the game.

If it rains (and this rain is often heavy and persistent) most of our friends stay put until the rain stops. This means meetings change and plans flex. This is just our way of life. Many call Ecuador "Flexidor" for this very reason.
Chris is often seen carrying things :) Gas tanks, water tanks, potable water, rocks, shovels. The list is endless.

We pray our lives echo Jesus' passion to serve others. Like Jesus, we have been sent to serve sacrificially and joyfully. Pray for us as we learn to lay down our personal preferences and love with a selfless love!
Georgia and Reese are active in our ministry. The girls are often baking tasty treats for partner ministries, caring for young children and stepping in to serve as needed.

Through this service they are learning that every word and deed is worship and a beautiful expression of our love for others.
Our life is on display. Living here as foreigners automatically seeds intrigue and gives us a platform of influence. Many of our friends learn from modeling and our lives are open books.

We are being observed constantly. Or marriage, our parenting, our victories and challenges are all on display. May His strength be made evident as we learn to love each other well.
We make our own fun! Shell lacks what we will call "big city amenities" so we find our fun with foreign and national friends alike.

Pictured above you see our Royal Wedding Party complete with tissue paper hats. When the sun shines we head to the river for some fresh air and when it's rainy we snuggle our dogs and cook comforting family recipes.Living every day seeing needs and pain only increases the necessity to burn off steam with pure silliness and pro-active self care!
Sometimes we are totally settled and sometimes we are completely unsettled! This is just the norm of living abroad and loving so many people in so many different places.

The joy of living a life that is dedicated to service often wins out over the grief of leaving a life and loved ones behind to do so. Our daily lives are sprinkled with the challenges of navigating this reality and each day we learn to love harder and let go when it's time to let go.
We have been able to serve abroad for almost 4 years because of your generosity! Thank you to our faithful monthly and annual support team for your investment in us and in the beautiful people of Ecuador.
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